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De Havilland To Bring DHC-515 Firefighter to Market

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada is moving ahead with the DHC-515 Firefighter program, with letters of intent in hand for the first 22 from European customers. Viking Aircraft, which was recently folded into the De Havilland brand by parent Longview Aviation Capital, had acquired the CL-214 and CL-415 programs in 2016 and had since been mulling bringing a new waterbomber to production. However, the pandemic pushed back such a launch of what was originally called the CL-515. ( 기타...

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befreefilm -3
It’s a $40M dud . $6.2M helicopter delivers 2,500 gallons and scooper only delivers 1,600 gallon . Scooper needs specialized crew and are hard for most pilots to fly and at least 4,000 water runs
Which helicopter are you talking about?

A K-Max can lift 6,000 pounds / 720 gallons.

A Bell 412 can lift 6,600 pounds / 790 gallons.

A UH-60 can lift 9,000 pounds / 1,080 gallons.

A CH-47 can lift 26,000 pounds / 3,100 gallons.

There's a big gap between a UH-60 and CH-47, and I can't think of any helicopter that fits your numbers.
Yes that is an interesting statement. Care to back it up with facts?


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