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New Boeing 777X Delayed- Again. 2025

Boeing Again has confirmed that the 777x, will be further delayed to 2025 (for the thousandth time.) ( More...

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patrick baker 3
well maybe perhaps not. I have been following Emerates airline chief as he stewes about the 777X delays, even when 2023 was the year for delivery. Now i see 2025, and Sir Tim is going to need tranquilizers aplenty over that. Is the FAA truly the delaying factor here by insisting on Boeing building a proper aircraft? What might be the reasons for delays of more months and years? Four test aircraft are flying their test program with a few thousand hours to date. What could possible take another two years?
Tyler Barr 2
I was thinking the same thing. All of this isn't making sense to me... 2025? How?
linbb 0
It would be nice if you would read this every day not just troll it once in a while and make a post thats been well taken care of days back. Too many reposts by people like you who dont keep up with the news.
Tyler Barr 1
Roy Hunte 3
Don't apologize to him, he's just that his idol, Boeing, is in trouble.
Sometimes he makes rational statements but usually any bad news about Boeing he calls the poster a troll.


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