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Man accused of pointing laser at Las Vegas police helicopter

“I asked David how many times he pointed his handgun at the police helicopter and he stated 4-5 times,” police said. ( More...

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marion14505 4
But what an awesome mug shot!
Lee Withers 3
Just wondering, why did the writer make a difference between “commercial airliners” and a “regional aircraft”?
linbb 4
Well after reading articles as of late there are very stupid people writing them am not good at spelling ad grammar but neither are they it seems. Also while the gun may have had a laser on it but the big deal wasa the gun attached wow. Also the deal if he will be charged got me.
Dale Ballok 1
Only difference is; that’s their job!
Michael Stansfield 3
I hope he is convicted and gets to spend many years in the gray bar hotel.
Silent Bob 2
Mama says, stupid is as stupid does.
Dale Ballok 1
This kind of action is beyond stupid. It’s criminal, possibly deadly!
blueashflyer 1
people like this need to be put in the stocks at an event like Oshkosh so us aviation types can throw cabbage at them
sparkie624 1
As Scotty once said (From Star Trek)... "Give'm Concrete Galoshes"!
Highflyer1950 1
Jackass. He loses the gun privilege and gets a hefty fine, that should be the outcome?
sparkie624 3
He should get more than a fine! Needs hard time...
linbb 2
With prison not jail time.


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