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What was it like to work as a flight attendant on Concorde?

For International Flight Attendant Day, celebrated on May 31 each year, AeroTime speaks to former British Airways cabin crew Lynn Hood, who worked on Concorde for five years, from 1993 to 1998. ( 기타...

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A now-deceased family friend always flew Concorde when she went to Europe because 3.5 hours was as long as she could go between cigarettes.
For anyone obsessed with Concorde, I'd recommend this epic thread on PPRuNe from 2010:

It starts out as an engineering question, but broadens into a wide range of Concorde topics from avionics to flight engineering, and includes a number of great stories from former flight attendants.
four stews to serve no more than 100 passengers, tight aisles, fast meal services, and a digital mach-meter on the wall of the front of the plane, no riff-raff , except royal family, tasty leftovers,higher quality champagne and spirits, good tasty leftovers ......
Right on - concerning the riff-raff
The girls on the wing are shown taking a inflight smoke break during a trip to New York.


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