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USMC MV-22B Osprey crashes in California

The US military has confirmed that a Boeing MV-22B Osprey aircraft has crashed in California. ( More...

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Billy Koskie 8
The V-22 is extremely susceptible to engine failure from ingestion of particulates. Deserts have sand = particulates. Yes, I speculate. But there is a reason some Marines call the V-22 the Marine Killer. I know this first-hand from former Marine who told me of this.
The V-tail Bonanza was known as the Doctor Killer.
jacqwayne 1
Then there was the 'Hiller Killer'.
21voyageur 1
And that would be , , , , , , ,
AWAAlum 1
Your comment reminds me of when I worked at McDonnell Douglas in Mesa AZ at the Apache plant. When Apaches were first put into service for Operation Desert Storm, the damage of blowing sand to the leading edge of the rotors was unpredicted and caused the need for rapid replacement of those rotors. However, I don't recall ever hearing the sand caused damage to the engines, even though it sounds plausible.
Leander Williams 6
This is really beginning to be a crisis. Just yesterday [6-9-22] another Osprey crashed in the same general area.. According to what I am reading, both Ospreys were based at Camp Pendleton. I thought they may have been based at Miramar since I see them fly over my house several times a day on the way to Miramar. Rest in peace to those who lost their lives, and condolences to their families.
Bill Edgar 8
So many variables in play including the more demanding flight profiles required for military training. But it's so easy for the non-aviation public to see it as an airframe issue.
Terence ONeil 4
Mar 20, 2022, 4 US marines die in Norway in Osprey crash....this vehicle looks like a freak of nature; i personally would not get inside one
Elliot Cannon 2
It looks like us tax payers supported lots of R&D for this POS. How many young, brave, dead Marines now? 50?
bbabis 2
The civilian tilt-rotor is dead. Even if a company could get insurance on one, no one would want to ride in it. There are simply too many better options.
jacqwayne 1
With nearly 4,000 hours in helicopters, the Osprey was one I would have refused to fly.
AWAAlum 0
lololol - Pardon my mirth - I didn't realize you would have that capability.
DonDengler 0
My heart goes out to their families. This never ever should have happened !
N710VE 0
Leave the military flying to the Air Force. If it weren’t for the marines the F35 would’ve been activated years earlier. Yep, they insisted on VTOL and the F35 program quickly turned into what you know it as today.
Torsten Hoff -6
The only reason this was posted is because the article contained both the words “crash” and “Boeing.”
SorenTwin 0
Shh. Adults talking.
21voyageur 0
Military needs drive innovation. In this case though, seems as though there will be little crossover to civilian.
o 艹 -4
My country also has a plane crash today. What's wrong with today's aviation
ffrcobra1 14
It’s the same as it’s been for the last several decades. It’s generally very safe, but it’s very unforgiving of lack of training, lack of adherence to SOPs, or lack of maintenance. In the case of vertical flight and flight near the edge of the performance envelope, it’s also very unforgiving of mechanical failure, especially at low altitude.
Robert Seery 3
cross-shaft gearbox is a failure point in many of these accidents. Lack of maintenance as you mentioned.
wigmore hoover -6
Yes , exactly. So for those multiple reasons ,, please decommission the entire fleet in my view. I can assure you the Japanese also will be very happy .
wigmore hoover 1
The phrase " very safe " seems to be an oxymoron in this description above .
wigmore hoover 1
As to Cobra1's comment.
21voyageur 3
Nothing. Step back and let the data speak. Flying has never been safer.


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