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Supersonic jet startup Boom's future is in doubt after every major jet-engine maker refuses to help

Engine manufacturers are not interested in helping Boom build a supersonic powerplant, per FlightGlobal. The comments come after Rolls-Royce announced an end to its contract with Boom in early September. Travel analyst Henry Harteveldt told Insider that Boom may build its own engine, which could be advantageous. Boom Supersonic may be forced to make its own engine for its ultra-fast Overture jet. In 2020, engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce signed an "engagement agreement" with Boom to… ( 기타...

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mbrews 6
Gotta love this article. Boom supersonic, which has never built ANY commercial airplane, rebuffed by the established engine guys but undaunted, will now proceed to make / build their own engines ??

Or else are we overlooking a brilliant plan to refurbish beat-up military engines from the Arizona boneyards ?

This sounds like the stuff of penny-stock promoters IMO.
MAD magazine had a design using Electrolux vacuum cleaners.I never heard if it flew or not but something to keep in their back pocket maybe !!!
the probable demise of Boom along with its idiotic business plan to sully the upper atmosphere with high speed jet passenger planes spewing pollutants wrecking the ozone levels that protect all life on earth- this is not a tragedy and perhaps this action will stall some other bright-eyed fanatics for some years. No one is so important that saving them some time on transoceaniac flights is more important than the safeguarding of the upper atmophere, where all of us are forever united in the need to preserve the protections for planet earth. Good riddence


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