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Watch Boeing's Live Webcast of the Last 747 Delivery [N863GT] to Atlas Air - Today (TU 1/31) 4P ET - 1P PT - 21:00 Z

Ceremony takes place in Boeing's storied Everett, WA factory, the largest building in the world by volume. Hundreds of those who worked on the 747 program over its long history will be on hand for what is sure to be a deeply heartfelt send-off. ( More...

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Jack McFadden 2
My first job as a facilities engineer was to help with the "soil tests" for the 747 factory and later assisting in studies of how we were to transport 100 ft long wing spars from the Auburn Fab facility to Everett. So many years ago. Engineers were in charge then. Now, only the "bean counters" making the decisions. Good to see 737 line added to the Everett facility.
lvenable 1
I started at Boeing Auburn in 1967, then transferred to Everett to work on the Iron Bird, while building 1 was not finished. Visited there last August and was amazed at how sprawling the facility is today. Happy to see it still thriving
tdrane 1
Probably not the best selection for a compilation newsletter article being a live event and all.
Michael Ragsdale 1
It's available on You Tube. It's about 1hr 20 min long, but it is full of classic video of the history of the 747. The parade of customer flags at the beginning is impressive. The Pan Am flag was carried by Juan Trippe's grandson.
TC Howard 1
Here is the YouTube video of the event.


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