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Trump: New York LaGuardia is 'Third World' airport

New York real estate developer/possible presidential candidate Donald Trump is in hot water with local officials after televised comments ripping LaGuardia airport. "You go to LaGuardia Airport, it's like a Third World airport," said Trump on CNN's State of the Union. He went on to praise the efforts of China and Qatar in particular for investing in "the most beautiful airport you've ever seen." ( More...

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Matt Worthen 0
Third world is a bit much but hes not far off.
s2v8377 0
Not that LGA's the Central Terminal is the nicest. However you have to ask when was the last time Trump used it to get to his private B727? Maybe he's still angry the Trump Shuttle failed!!!
jim russell 0
He is pissed TSA wanted to impound his hairpiece for lack of shot records. What a ass. He also complained to PBI about aircraft flying over his house in PBI. He still has to give TSA birth cert for his hairpiece.
Jonathan Cain 0
...hes totally right. BDL, HPN, SWF are my choices when i have to fly someplace
Lloyd Boyette 0
He's not bashing LGA. Merely stating the truth. If City Members take offense to Trump's comments it's only because they to realize the same thing. As a true " New Yorker " has every right to make those comments!
R.W. Mann 0
The Donald just covets the real estate (and a better situated pad for his third world 727).
Gene spanos 0
3rd world airport- come to Chicago.
Just 30 mins from the door you can invest
in gang wars, guns, drugs and whatever
all per the media and the thugs that run
the west/south sides.
Yes - Welcome to Chicago where there's
over 400 + street gangs that we know of.....
And Daley wanted the 2016 Games --here ?
James Driskell 0
The real question is WHO gives a D*** what Trump thinks or says. He's a rich spoiled idiot.
Jason Bischel 0
The media(being democrat) has always backed obama, therefore it's only natural that they're gonna slam a protential presidential candidate giving him competition. Anything Trump says will be taken out of context and/or blown up.
James Driskell 0
I refer you to David Brooks' column in todays NT Times for an intersting review of Trump.
Antony Xenios 0
Actually folks, he is right! As a crew member that only flies in-n-out LGA when I absolutely have to, I tell you, it doesn't compare to airports in many parts of the country, let alone the world! JFK is also just a tad better, except for an International airport it is way below others!
Now for NYC to want to claim they are "the city" and to have airports like JFK whose arrivals departments are constantly half running & on weekends, not at all, well that's down right pathetic. There are reasons behind this, we all know them! I am not from NYC, but I would appreciate them getting better. Some facial upgrades have been made, but important things still remain unsolved! One of them being rail transport directly in to both airports, as well as the never finished Airtrain between will not happen, though....
Chris Bryant 0
I've been to all 3 NYC area airports (JFK, LGA, EWR), and in comparison, LGA is a dump.
3rd world may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the man has a right to his opinion.
Toby Sharp 0
His haircut is 3rd world
Toby Sharp 0
James Driskell for president
Look, whether you like him or not is not the issue here.He does have a valid point. LGA most certainly needs to be updated. Mr. Trump got the attention he needed to get his point across. The LGA airport is not the only place that's needs updating in the US.We all know that.The real issue is, where will the money come from to update our infrastructure.At least he is making it loud and clear that basically the USA's infrastructure is falling apart.As of yet, I do not hear any other Presidential hopeful telling us what Trump is telling us.
Jason Bischel 0
My comment was directed more toward the media's attitude toward people who aren't concerned with being "PC" to the point of letting things go unchecked. Trump isn't someone who puts all his effort into making sure people don't take offense to what he says. He takes care of the problem and lets people's opinion go in one ear and out the other. His comment was true and he didn't care if people took offense. That's the kind of person we need in the White House. obama hasn't done a damn thing except turn America into nothing but a joke for the entire world to laugh at. Considering that obama is the worst president in American history, we need someone like Trump to make drastic changes and not be concerned with screwed up communist/pacifist's who think that illegal immigrants should be welcomed with open arms. If it was up to Trump, he would take care of the problem with LGA instead of using my tax dollars to fund the education of illegal immigrants.

Robert Fleming 0
And this guy could possibly run for President next year?? Yeah ok...well, ask him first off what species of animal had to be killed to create that THING on his HEAD, then ask him if he's got such a problem with LGA ask him to come off his wallet and spend oome of his vast fortune to help NYC upgrade LGA....instead of insulting, help improve!!!! HEY far as I'm concerned....YOU'RE FIRED!


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