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Preliminary report released on Cessna jet crash in Virginia

On June 4, about 3:32 p.m. EDT, a Cessna Citation 560 jet (registration N611VG), was destroyed when it impacted terrain near Montebello, Va., killing a pilot and three passengers onboard. ( More...

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bentwing60 4
Shades of 47BA, a LR35A, and the Payne Stewart charter event. Performance wise, the time to climb and probable hypoxia onset were spot on for no bleeds on for the pressurization system in either aircraft.

Anyone that spent enough time in an early series Lear to know how to quickly open or close the door knew instinctively the importance of Trim, Pumps, Flaps, Spoilers and Bleeds.

Bleeds,The switches above the right seat occupants left knee!

Any C560 guys out there care to hazard a more poignant guess?
Highflyer1950 1
You’re making my head hurt trying to remember stuff. Wasn’t Payne’s chartered Lear 35 an older model without emer. pressurization valves? I seem to remember they were pneumatically closed but energized open, if they didn’t, it got pretty smoky/smelly really quick? I’m getin’ too’ old!
bentwing60 1
I'm an observer these days, not an NTSB investigator, and welcome to the too old to fly commercially club anymore. I still haven't forgotten the things that will kill you in a Lear in a hurry and I guess you haven't either!
Highflyer1950 1
Yes, those were the days. Cruising at 43, autopilot on with one eye on the barber pole & your right hand on the throttle to keep from getting the puller, then hand flying the descent. That was a great pilots’ airplane if you flew it with respect.
matt jensen 1
So for more than an hour there was no contact with the pilot at FL340. No controller made an effort to contact NORAD? Who turned the a/c 180 deg?
srobak 1
AP did the turn as part of RTB when the plan wasn't followed.
Peter Fuller 2
Preliminary report narrates what happened and when, but not why. Final report stating probable cause is a long way off, after investigation. So jury is still out on whether the cause was depressurization or pilot incapacitation.


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