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Northrop Grumman Test Flies Jam-Proof GPS

Northrop Grumman says it’s successfully flight tested a jam-proof navigation system to replace the current gear on military aircraft. Embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) / Inertial Navigation System (INS) Modernization, known as EGI-M, was installed on a Cessna Citation and put through its paces in May. The core of the system is something called an M-Code capable GPS receiver that can “quickly transmit positioning, navigation and timing information” in “GPS-contested and GPS-denied… ( More...

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Chris B 2
If this helps airlines beat the cell phone tower issues as well, it's tech to good not to share
Torsten Hoff 1
The interference from cellular networks affects radar altimeters, not GPS receivers. Two unrelated problems.
srobak 2
GE made INS that worked just fine for the military several years ago. Funny how now we are having to go back to it.
William Cavico 1
Several years ago, via SBIR I tried to develope a system using massless radiation from extra-solar system sources. It would work anywhere in the solar system and beyond. But couldn't get funding at that time so I moved on. A company is presently working on such a system using objects akin to Quasars and other high emissive stellar objects as types of beacons.
Dan Marotta 0
Stole that article direct from Avweb.
William Cavico 0
If you are talking about my message I still have my SBIR filings from the 2002-2004 time frame
Dan Marotta 0
No. I was commenting that, when I clicked on the FlightAware link, up popped an Avweb page.
srobak 4
That's because it is a link to avweb. Every single squawk posted is a link to a website that is external to FA. FA doesn't generate any news - it only gives us a place to discuss.


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