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Normalcy Bias And The Rushed Approval Of Boeing's "New" 737 MAX 10 Jet

Although the exemption (which everyone knew would happen as Congress has to protect Boeing {added by post author}) suggests neither Boeing nor Congress learned the lesson of Boeing’s earlier 737Max fiasco: when 346 people lost their lives; Boeing lost $5 billion in direct revenue and over $25 billion when counting damage to the brand and losing customers; and Boeing fired its CEO Dennis Muilenburg. ( More...

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linbb -1
So check on this Air Bus had a software problem which killed just as many but got away without getting there AC grounded years ago.
Colin Seftel 3
If you are referring to China Airlines 140, the difference is that Airbus had previously identified the problem and advised airlines to modify the air flight system so it would fully disengage the autopilot "when certain manual controls input is applied on the control wheel in GO-AROUND mode", which would have included the yoke-forward movement the pilots made on this accident flight. The accident aircraft was scheduled to only receive the update the next time it required a more substantial service break, because China Airlines judged that the modifications were not urgent. These factors were deemed contributing incidents to the crash, after the primary failure of the pilots to take control of the situation once it began. (Source: Wikipedia)
C J 0
If the content of your comment didn't inform everyone of how ill informed you are, the punctuation and grammar surely did. Once again, well done on making yourself look profoundly dumb.


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