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F15EX Delayed...Again

KC-46 - Delayed: New AF1 - Delayed: F15EX - Delayed: T-7 - Delayed:… ( More...

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None of this is a shock to anyone. The tanker program has been a mess since the sole source debacle. Good airplane gone bad with poor management.
Matt West 6
Sorry, it cut part of it out:

KC-46 - Delayed:

New AF1 - Delayed:

F15EX - Delayed:

T-7 - Delayed:

Space Delivery System - Delayed:

Throw in the MAX 7 & 10 delays with the 777-X problems, and one sees a pattern.

I can't imagine any other company in the world that could have so many problems due to a complete lack of leadership and still be in business. The DoD will keep giving them contracts though.
Matt West 4
And corrected T-7 link (oh for an edit option):
djames225 3
The edit option has been asked, for years, Matt.
James Driskell 7
An thanks to John McCain, we're still waiting for the KC-135 replacement. I generally supported him, but his opposition to the tanker replacement program in the early 2000s was just dumb on his part. That said, I wonder if the air force can manage a major program like this. Seems like they are complicating everything. The new refueling probe on the KC46 is an example of them violating the "KISS" approach.
djames225 1
McCain's opposition had nothing to do with the US getting the tankers back in 2002-2003. Read more below. What he opposed was the Pentagon's wanting to lease the tankers from Boeing and why the procurement office was pushing so hard to lease rather than purchase. The Congressional Budget office agreed and a compromise was made to buy 80 and lease 20, in Nov 2003.

But seems Boeing and certain procurement "officials" were scheming prior to this. The Pentagon froze the deal in Dec 2003 due to allegations and an investigation, brought on by McCain's office, since he was a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, and a civilian agency who were also questioning why the push to lease. The DoD killed the deal completely in 2006 after the investigations were done. Seems the Airbus built KC-330 tanker was more cost effective and met the requirements better.

It is a very interesting read of the case of Darleen Druyun and Boeing
James Driskell 1
Thanks, you are right about the details. My only concern was that whatever happened has delayed the project by almost 20 years.
djames225 1
I am not a fan of any 1 entity but when Boeing pulled that stunt, the DoD should have bought the KC-330 if only to fill a void. Look how much the botched up KC-46 program has cost and continues to rise. Maybe the DoD felt that EADS and Northrup-Grumman were also scheming, but all the EADS/N-Gr cards were laid out on the table
Seems 16+ other countries, many NATO, feel the A330 MRTT works great and it has been shown to refuel US aircraft with ease.
James Driskell 1
It's the old "buy American" even though the only thing the US offers is a Model T, while the European builders are selling Porsches.
John Oliver 1
It is very interesting\concerning that the US still "designing" the KC46. Italy and Japan have KC46s in operation since the early 2000's.
djames225 1
Actually they do not. They have their design and Boeing built KC-767A. The Pentagon froze and later cancelled the US contract in 2003. So Japan and Italy collaborated with Boeing and had 4 built each
The KC-46 is a US designation for a revised KC-767A.
djames225 1
Edit: The Pentagon froze the contract in 2003 and it was cancelled in 2006. The way I had it written made it look like it was cancelled in 2003 as well.


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