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The daredevil pilots of Colombia

The name speaks for itself.... ( 기타...

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bryzen 0
Absolutely amazing, both the people who do this for a living and the journalists documenting it. This are the people of character Saint-Exupery wrote about.
vincentvan 0
What an outstanding program from an often unrecognized source of news here in the US!!
spatr 0
this aired on National Geographic or a channel like that a while back. Amazing stuff, makes me thankful for my job in the A320
preacher1 0
I'm like Scott. I saw it on TV as well. Not taking anything away from them but there are places and outfits/pilots like this in different parts of the world and all those should make us all appreciate what we do for a
Amazing documentary. Good to see those old girls still flying!
Just incredible, and we bitch an moan about delays everywhere, wake up America, everyday in America we transport people and cargo with almost seamless protection. Tired of SFO or DEN in the winter, knock it off, try driving or flying in Columbia.................

Fly High - Pay less - travel smart !
how bout everyday we transport, time for a NAP!
nsarshad 0
Video seems to be a re-montage of one of the episodes (my favorite episode) of the Current TV program "Deadliest Journeys". Try catching a re-run on Current TV if your cable company carries the channel.
Sal Tanzi 0
Amazing video! Makes you think how lucky we are her ein the USA.
Ed Tuohy 0
Reminds me of the 1960's when I flew C-47's in the middle east landing in the desert. Hot and dry instead of hot and wet(sweat)
tsberry901 0
Flew C-47s out of Lagos, Nigeria. Same kind of flying back in 76. Lagos is where the US hurricanes are born, by the way. Descending into Lagos, we would pick up mud on our windshields. The northly winds would blow the Sahara dust south until it ran into the humid skies in southern Nigeria. Adventure-a-day.
Before the internet, Stephen Piercy's "Sky Truck" books documented
some of the old planes flying in South America (and other places).
I'll try to find the 'Deadliest Journeys' program, sounds very
nsarshad 0
Can watch it online (look for episode 18, Deadliest Journeys - Colombia):
Thank you, sir, I found it....
Beautiful.....I remember 30 years ago when I was a flying surgeon with the Colombian Air Force. This is flying, as real as it can get. Only the truly skilled pilots can make it. Congratulations for the excellent report. It reflects a reality of that zone of the country.
knoso0 0
nsarshad 0
Looks like the Current TV link I provided has mostly previews of the show. All the episodes are available on though. The Colombia episode can be viewed here:
tsberry901 0
Ed, who were you flying for back then, one of the oil companies?
Great insight into a common operation (in that part of the world) that very few of us are aware of. It'd be interesting to know how many other similar operations there are around the world.


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