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Airbus Cabin of the Future (video)

Airbus has released details of its Concept Cabin. How aircraft interiors will look in 2050. (video) ( 기타...

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Nice try, but we all know American Airlines will still be flying those beat up MD-82s in 2050
LMAO - I was thinking the same thing! Long live the Mad Dogs!
It's all a dream. They can draw up whatever comes to their mind on the computer, but when it gets down to it, it comes down to one thing - money. Just look at the concorde - brilliant idea, but just not profitable. Which is why I think we as humans have peaked in aviation, not because of our abilities in technological advancements, but because our hands are tied to our bank accounts.
Take a look, not at the modernity, but the concept. Look familiar? It does to me, ala Milwaukee Road from Chicago to Seattle. Skytop dome cars with swivel parlour chairs giving you a panoramic view of the country going by. But today, all we have are cattle cars with less than hospitable seating. Progress?
Gene Nowak 0
I'm with all of you. This is not 2050 but maybe 2250 if the airlines ever get their act together and start treating the passengers as people again and not cattle.
Mark Holm 0
Since Cdr. Scott has already traveled back through time to show us how to make transparent aluminum, this looks totally doable to me.
JD345 0
Maybe in 2050 the rest of the legacy carriers will merge together into Amalgamated Airlines and buy a whole fleet of these. The only thing that would look stranger than this thing is this thing painted in the globe-tulip-widget-pinstripe livery.
The view out and up ------ yawn. Forward view is cool, but only for First and Business Classes, it seems. But, the view straight down, now that's worth the price of a ticket. Take the glass walkway over the Grand Canyon for one...and the glass walkway from the Sears Tower in Chicago. Now there's a view where each step is a thrill-ride. DFW to O'Hare would be more exciting than a trip to Six Flags. Just for fun, guys. jc
Reality emerges put of imagination , out of dreams , out of fantasies . Science and , hence , society , owes many inventions and discoveries to fiction , especially science fiction! Happy landings , ye all .
Reality emerges out of dreams , out of imaginations, out of fantasies . Science , and hence the Society , owes many of inventions and discoveries to fiction , especially science fiction ! Happy Landings , Ye All , there .


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