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Thats gotta hurt...

Not all things that fly have engines...but this poor bird probably feels quite a bit worse for the wear. I did have this happen at my office back a few years ago with a smaller bird. Scared the crap out of me since my full attention on my computer. ( 기타...

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This happened at my brother's place, too. The imprint left was just as clear as in the article, but it was a different kind of bird.
Why is this on flightaware?..
because its hilarious
Bogush 0
Willi, Willi Willi.... 'cause birds were our inspiration for flight.....maybe ???
as a reminder to not fly to low....
My dad used helicopters to spray crops in Iowa. He flew with the doors off a Bell 47-G5. He has about 20,000 hours. He had an Owl fly into the cockpit and hit him in the chest. He was able to maintain control and throw the bird out. He is now 73 and retired.
j brown 0
I have an imprint on my sliding glass doors of a smaller bird that did the same thing. Probably texting or on the cell phone.


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