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Lost cat at JFK

American Airlines lost a cat that was supposed to board a flight to California. ( 기타...

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mark that under who gives a sh*t
Is news that slow? Toby, I have to agree with you.
linbb 0
could mean a lot to the person who lost it and if they loose a cat thats just the start of lost items some may mean something to you and others might just say the same.
99NY 0
In other news, the Port Authority announced that it has taken "unexpected" steps to solve the crippling roach and rat problem at JFK.
Jack is just visiting the catmirals club?:)
JD345 0
Foam the runways!
Let's have Hollywood make a movie about this and have Tom Hanks do the voice of the cat...
s2v8377 0
Slow news day!!! What else can anyone ask for other then what AA is doing. Well at least as 99NY says the cat will have plenty of food around the airport to keep him going until he is found!!!
s2v8377 0
I'm glad to see AA making the effort being an animal lover.
really? who posted such a dull story? who cares!
I'm eating a doughnut now.
My co-worker just said good morning.
I hope I have a good day.
My car is soooo cool!
Everyone cares what I'm doing all the time !!!!!

Only in the new narcissistic world of twitter would this be considered news worthy.
Guess what the special is at China Buffet today?
So earlier this year Delta freezes a cat in a cargo hold and now AA loses one. Entrusting the care of your travelling pet to an airline seems to have become a risky game.
Well American should take blame for that, but really, why is this newsworthy.
sbirch 0
All I can say about this story is that those of us who travel with animals commercially (rarely) instead of privately are concerned this happens too often. Most do not know that there is a limit of live animals allowed in each cabin (2 in first, 3 in coach). They have a reservation and while the fees were reasonable, they have now exceeded some people fares ($175 on AA). While it may seem like a frivolous story, it is a policy that must be addressed.
@ Ryan: Something is newsworhty if people pay attention to it... kind of like what we are doing!
AA obviously thinks this is newsworthy as it's very bad PR for the airline.

And lots of folks out there who have pets treat them like they are members of the family.
well I quit flying my pets the day Eastern Airlines closed. Every other airlines lost or killed the animals. I have 1 dog 2 cats so I understand. Hope they find him, Maybe he hopped a international flight. Sitting on a big sandbox in a non extrodition country.
smsatgnv 0
Alistair, you're funny. I can just picture it.

Thanks to the internet and social media, everything does seem to be blown out of proportion, eh.

But seriouly, I hope the cat is found soon and reunited with its owner. I'm a cat lover/owner and I'd be extremely upset, too. I hope the owner can take some comfort in knowing that the airline and airport personnel are "on the lookout" for Jack.... and all due to social media?
@smsatgnv: :) For an article that supposedly is "not newsworthy", it certainly is getting alot of attention here. Besides, i would rather read about this then all the bad news that is out there. This just kind of lightens things up. Maybe if the cat went on a shooting rampage because of being high on catnip and kileld dozens of people, then it would be more interesting for some people here. Headline: Rambo kitty high on catnip kills 22!
dmanuel 0
Probably failed TSA cat-scan!
I like turtles!
smsatgnv 0
Jack the Cat, your SIDA badge is ready for pick-up in the Airport Security Office.


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