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TSA "chat downs" cauess multi-hour delays at Boston Logan

BOSTON -- New security procedures being tested at Logan International Airport caused significant backups at security checkpoints Thursday, according to airlines. Backups lasted for about four hours after the Transportation Security Administration began testing a procedure that requires more human interaction between security agents and passengers. ( 기타...

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More likely they will delay you 30 seconds to give them time to Pilfer stuff from your bags.
How about test programs at smaller airports or at least not at the busiest times or on the busiest days?
They already talk down to us passengers so this shouldn't take them long to learn.
natornator 0
Sounds like more job security for corporate pilots.
How much more human interaction can there be? They're already abusing the passenger with the physical nature of their "security measures"!
If I recall, this new procedure is to be similar to what the Israelis use to screen passengers. In the U.S. its all about me first and I need to hurry through the security line. I do not see this working until people learn more patience, otherwise we might as well stay with what we have. Some say they have patience, but when they start to look at their watch, all that goes out the window, when they're likely to miss their flight.
Well, those people need to get to the airport with plenty of time before their flight. I would have a hard time comparing anything about the TSA and Israeli security. But, if the Israelis do it, it probably works, they don't mess around, they cant. The TSA needs to raise their standards for employment. It would be great to see some criteria for the Israeli security positions.
TSA wants to grab your boobs AND then ask you on a date afterwords. All while your items are being stolen from your bag sitting in the x-ray.
Amy Dillon 0
"BACKUPS LASTED FOR ABOUT FOUR HOURS" ?! Why does the full article say the maximum wait time was 27 minutes, then? Which was it?

And I doubt that "chat downs" do much good, but I'm sure there was a security concern that prompted the increase in screening.
This is probably the single most effective thing they can do to increase security at airports. I firmly believe that if the agency would have begun with this we'd not have the security mess we have now.
Do they have interpreters if the passengers don't speak English?
The TSA has more information at it's beck and call than almost any other gov't agency. Airline frequent flier files, method of pay, origin of travel, destination and baggage. If it can't create a profile (without even knowing the objectional parts) then it is obviously the most inefficient agency in existance.
This is an interesting point because in order for them to be truly effective at this new approach, it would seem to me that the agent doing the chatting would need to have this information as well (which I'm sure they don't).
I think anybody that knows how to use a computer could get most of that information. The only piece of info you left out was their think the TSA could get that?
Erika Amir 0
It's unfortunate they chose to debut this at Logan. The security area there is poorly set up and the layout of several of the terminals makes waiting in line quite warm and claustrophobic. There are security lines at Logan on a good day, I am not surprised they had excessively long lines on this day.

I'd be interested to hear how this process goes over when rolled out at other airports.

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What subsidies are there?

The government requiring the TSA and then requiring that the airlines tax customers for it (per segment, not per use of security) doesn't seem like a subsidy to me.

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Can you please not post in ALL CAPS?
Southwest Airlines agreed to buy whole bunch of fuel, at a set price, a long time ago for waaaaay cheap. They bought millions of pounds of Jet A, under contract, for a price that was cheap even for the time. They're still fueling their aircraft with it. This along with flying the 737-300 and 500 airframes and packing their aircraft full of patrons made them all but impossible to compete with. I DON'T MIND ALL CAPS.....words is words y'all!


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