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126 JetBlue passengers spend 7 hours on tarmac!!!

Another stuck on the tarmac horror story. ( 기타...

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Do you think somethings very WRONG about this. I certainly do! YES, there is a Federal Law against this type of occurrence. But typically here in America airlines break laws constantly.
Im sure JetBlue figures it's cheaper to pay the fines then show care for it's passengers.
I can assure you, the fines are anything but cheap. It would not take but a few incidents like this to bankrupt an airline.
Also having recently attended a company workshop regarding the above mentioned new regulations, I can assure you Dave is right. My companies current policy requires updates to passengers every 30min, assorted drinks and snacks at 2hrs, and deplaning options at 4hrs. Fines for violations are posted as $28,000 per passenger per incident.
28000 per passenger per incident ? Who are these "fines" paid to ? definately not the passengers !
Yep - this is the biggest injustice in the penalty system, FAA now profits from passenger misfortune.
Having just attended a workshop on preventing such incidents, I find it hard to believe any airline would intentionally do something like this. The problem comes when many flights divert into an airport that isn't ready for them. There are only so many gates available to handle flights. When you suddenly and unexpectedly get a flood of over 20 diversions, those gates fill up quickly, and it takes time to unload each aircraft and move another to the gate, especially in inclement weather.
Its an organizational nightmare. There may not be a gate and crew for one thing, and then when they do get to the gate, who will process the passengers? The other option Just open the doors out on the ramp and let people mill around amongst airport vehicles and other airplanes and just have a free for all in BDL. I do not agree with 7-hours, but sometimes 7-hours occurs in about 7-minutes!
No gate? Just call a charter bus company for a couple of bus's, let the passengers deplane down the stairs and walk thru a little snow to a heated bus and then to the terminal. No problem.
no flights on Jet Blue for me or my family EVER!
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I understand logistical problems, but be creative. You don't need a gate. As stated you need about 3 or 4 buses. Even when no buses are available, let them go down stairs and be escorted into the terminal via the baggage facilities. By the way it doesn't take 7 hours to get a gate open. The passengers are already screened. Take them inside where there are human facilities (heat, lights, bathrooms). 7 hours is just stupidity on the airlines part. And JetBlue's nonsense about safety is just that..nonsense. Charge the airline with unlawful abductions and captivity.
JetBlue would've been smarter to cancel the flight, like everyone else was doing. But, wasn't there a Federal law passed that said the airlines aren't allowed to pull this crap??
Yes, and I believe the catalyst was a previous JetBlue incident.
Adding to David Sims ... they diverted to BDL, which was already having its hands full with the snow, and people sleeping on cots in the airport, etc. Situation probably wouldn't have happened if the divert was to somewhere else not in the deep snow area, like maybe PVD or Islip or something.
It always seems to be Jet Blue that this kind of thing happens to.
When this happens it is because no one at the scene has the power to make a decision. The people that can make a decision are unreachable, and the airport itself acts just like most public enterprise, no one WILL make a decision.

There is no excuse to treat any passenger to an extended delay like this.
What gives them the right to hold persons hostage --while down on the ground - ?
yeh, guess they could have dumped them on the tarmac.
they think that is bad?.. now try putting 700 people on a Transaero A380...


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