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Another jerk passenger with a cell phone gets arrested

Apparently, throwing things at flight attendants is NOT cool, as this intrepid traveller discovered. ( 기타...

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Treat everyone with politeness, even those

who are rude to you -- not because they are nice,

But because you are.
If you can't get along on a couple hour flight, then you deserve what you get. Hope the judge pours it on.
I live in Boise and the judges tend to be hard here. I also love that our paper always publishes the mug shots. This woman cooked her own goose by talking about what happened. She basically admits that she did it.

I don't miss flying on the airlines with these idiots. I flew the same airline (Horizon) as this woman and a gal next to me talked on her cell phone the whole flight. I told the flight attendant who asked her to finish her call then ignored the problem the rest of the trip. Horizon has free beer and wine and they did the right thing in this case to cut this woman off. Who knows what she really said but I bet it was more then telling the crew member that she was rude.
Ian Bock 0
Yeah, I'll be curious if Ada county will retain jurisdiction, and she gets hammered (in the slammer, not the other way).
Was the entire flight at 2000 ft. for her to talk on the cell?
Never mind, I guess u could do it if the aircraft has wifi...
Thats what happens when airlines drop fares so much that people that should be taking Greyhound fly the airlines!
Thats what happens when airlines drop fares so much that Greyhound riders take the airlnes! Gotta love it!!!!
I wonder which airline?
Somebody up here said Horizon
With 100 to 400 pax on board the odds of having a real jerk on your next flight are pretty good. They are everywhere and multiplying rapidly.
bdarnell 0
These are the flights. In one of the local news stories I saw a witness statement that there was a problem with the first plane so they off loaded the pax and put them on a new plane in Seattle. Both flights from SEA-LWS and LWS-BOI were about 1.5 hrs late.
Every flight attendant and flight crew I have ever flown with were very highly trained professionals. I have watched flight attendants put up with obnoxious passengers and attend to very sick passengers. Never have I seen the flight attendant loose their professional face in front of the passenger.But I bet back in the galley it is a different story. Every passengers' safety is at risk when you have idiots like this women who refuse to adhere to the rules that are put in place for the safety of everyone, not just to inconvenience them.
KC, I agree. We have no idea what these folks have to deal with in the course of a day. They have from 2-600 or more to deal with daily; it is sad that every now and then that one thinks they are the only person on the plane like this one, and as I said earlier, this type is always right, never wrong.
bdarnell 0
"Police officials also say alcohol use by Seidenglanz appears to be a factor in what happened."

No.... Ya think ??
JOhn LEe 0
Too bad the flight people can't handle small inconvienences. We all know that cell phones have nothing to do with safety. It just gives the flt attendants an excuse. Soon they will just charge for the privilege. They could take a look at the TV Pan Am to see how it used to be pleasant to fly. Wait till the flight is over and write a letter. Many of these F/A are rude and should be in another line of work.
Ian Bock 0
Actually, it does have to do with safety. Not because of interference with avionics. It is so you pay attention to the cabin crew.
Maybe a few front page stories about missed approaches, near collisions on departure, the flight that couldn't track on GPS because some jerk in the cabin was using his own 496, or how everyone on the Prime Minister's jet was on cell phones when it performed a controlled flight into terrain on an ILS approach might get these "entitled" people to understand that, yeah, it really does matter.
The carriers and law enforcement should crack down hard on unruly and disruptive passengers.
This type of behavior is a result of the "it's all about ME" people in our society.
I hope the judge throws the whole law library at this 'woman'.
Keel haul them @ 18000'.
Well i am still waiting for a definitive answer,Does itinterfere with the airplane to use a phone during takeoff and landings?
Just asking
The experts state that it does. Accept it as it is. Those who don't like it can use other options for their travel.
There is no right to air travel.
Dorothea C. Seidenglanz , from what I read nobody has done what should have been done right from the begining...and that is, to fire you! But I will do it! You are hereby fired from the human race! Go and enjoy the grazing!
A.Barreto (Air Traffic Controller)
he he he ... stupid cows phoning on board, imbecile thugs lasering a/c on landing, surly 200lb of genuine TSA meat gently massaging my balls and rude f/a who refuse to serve wine. how i love flying in the land of the free and proud! :-D
crk112 0
Why do these keep making the news?
....when are they ever gonna learn.....
People need to know that when on an airline flight attendants, as annoying or as unfair as they can be(not sure which side to believe), you cannot be verbally or physically abusive to a flight crew or they will simply land the plane and you will be taken to jail. Your rights on a plane are a little more narrow as they should be, you have the right to be quiet and thats about it. So these excuses of having reasonable intentions don't fly very well(no pun intended). You pay ridiculous prices for usually bad service in a small cabin,with no right to voice your opinion against flight attendants. Especially post 9/11, if F/As see any slight reason that you are a threat to a flight even if you don't mean it, they will call the police or have the pilot land the plane. Bottom line, this women was not smart and should have seen it coming.
dardav 0
They announce before take off, turn off all cell phones, laptops, or whatever else sends or recieves a signal. When you have to be told, you already have been busted. Do you think F/A's don't see this every flight. It's the F/A's job to ensure the cabin is ready and safe for T/O, so they're not going to let some dumb-ass jeopardize their job. Good for crew to drive this point home.
We have a lady who says she avoids confrontation, yet feels it's okay to be confrontational with a flight attendant. That may prove to be a very expensive lapse of judgement. We can only hope.
Put of the aircraft. Jerks.
A perpetrator is never at fault or does anything wrong. It's always somebody else's fault or I was misunderstood.
Bogush 0
another bimbo is caught - she should be fined at least $5,000.00 and loose her phone....sounds draconian but if my life is a risk because she does not uderstand the simple rule "Please turn off your cellphones during take off and landing" suffer the consequences
Reminds me of this little comic.
It's turn off the cell phone (all electronic devices that have and on/off switch)from the time the door is closed until clearing the runway. Part of it for aircraft safety and the other part is the fact that it's annoying to sit next to someone for 2 hours that is speaking 3 octaves higher than necessary on a phone with total disrgard for those around them. With the advent of Wi Fi on aircraft it will become possible to Skype at 35000 feet. Bad idea. The same irritations from a rude cell phone user will be magnified by a Skyper.

It's a simple rule. How about everyone just relax on the flight. If it's that critical that a person has to talk to someone constantly, drive, charter a jet, or take the train.
This is just another small sample of our society's growing disrespect for authority. We are rapidly becoming a "do if it feels good, and laws, respect for others, and propriety, be damned"! Just the humble opinion of an old fart!
The "occupy" group seems to be on that wave length. They are above the law, pissed off about everything, and want the government to take from others and give to them. They are "special" and have "rights".
Thats true they bimbos.
Great. People like that are retards, serously.
another asshole pays with jail time and a fine as flight attentents are well trained in handling rude passengers
Wow a cell phone put a lady into a cell, I think there must be something meaningful in that excellent play on words but she likely has been cuffed around already........ lets see what is left.... maybe a snipet about the something being flipped at the flight attendant that was not the cup in question??, or have I been fingered for bad behavior? Been a pilot for over 40 years and a commercial pilot for just over 20 and I have found even during these very strange times (and they are just getting worse) it would be worth the cost to install cabin camera's to make certain what happened did happen and if all are good boys and girls and eat their cookies and milk the tape can reset like a CVR every turn around, it would keep the passengers thinking twice before abject stupidity as well as any crew member with an attitude knowing they just as the pilots are being monitored for being professional. (please don't report me to the A.C.L.U.)
I have always wondered why airlines don't have video cameras in the passenger cabins on the newer aircraft. It's certainly feasible, physically and economically. If they can tape the pilots and copilots conversations, why not tape the passenger cabins.
pdixonj 0
CVR's are not for arbitrarily spying on cockpit conversations, they're for recording what went on in the cockpit (verbally) immediately before an aircraft accident or incident, in an effort to help investigators determine what other words, safety reasons.
Well, CVR's are standard equipment and required. The other would be extra, hence cost $. It won't happen until they get hit with a big lawsuit from one of these jerks and realize they have no way to defend it.
Crewmembers on aircraft are required to adhere to hundreds of rules and regulations simultaneously. Most crewmembers had to work very hard and make sacrifices to reach their crewmember status. To put it plainly CFR title 14 part 91.21 states that no person may operate or allow to be operated on board an aircraft while operating under IFR. further 91.11 states No person may assault, threaten, intimidate, or interfere with a crew member etc on board an aircraft being operated. If you are not willing to abide by the rules you should not be allowed to fly.
Bogush 0
I totally agree with Scott Singletary - rules and regulations are there for a reason - usually to safegaurd 'et al'


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