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First Dreamliner retired

제출됨 Talk about early retirement. It’s been just a couple of weeks short of two years since Boeing’s first 787 Dreamliner lifted off for its initial flight from Everett’s Paine Field, but that same plane shortly after 9 a.m. today took off from Seattle’s Boeing Field for what could be its final flight. The aircraft, ZA001, was headed for the desert at Palmdale, Calif., where it will lose its Rolls-Royce engines and be put into… ( 기타...

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that is a shame. Boeing should find something for that plane to do, instead of mothballing it!
Shame shame shame...
They are. Its just a temp until its transferred else where. I would vote Smithsonian or Museum of Flight.
panam1971 0
Send it to the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, MI....
Don't think we have the room but sure would look good
Don't think we have the room but sure would look good
That's a great idea-I mean it is a piece of history, just it's sad to see it get put out of commission so soon!
I cannot believe that our newest aircraft "The Dreamliner" has been officially retired." I have lived around aircraft (Montreal) most of my life and this newest aircraft looked like a winner. I wonder why this plane sort of made a sudden dive to "RETIREMENT." I hope that Boeing has better luck with the next generation of aircraft!
lvdudeman 0
It's just airframe 001 that was retired, not the 787 Dreamliner program..
alistairm 0
Are you serious? As stated already, it was airframe 001 that was retired. They will be pumping out 787's for many more years to come.
mark tufts 0
put the engines back on and turn it into airforce one this way it will be useful to the president whoever the next one will be and retire the 747 that is now airforce one
Great idea, either AF-1, or at least one of the aircraft in the Gov't fleet
alistairm 0
Call Daniel or Sean:
alistairm 0
back in 2009, EADS pulled out of the bid to replace the VC25's in 2017 - they were proposing the 380.
mark tufts 0
as the existing airforce one is getting to the end of its tenurr
making it and another test plane SAM planes is a pretty good idea....considering how much fuel the current ones burn.
I would vote for Museum of Flight since the other Boeing test aircraft are on display at BFI.
mark tufts, great idea! It's naked and could be outfitted to the needs/updated items. Besides,how would you get the stink out of the 747?
Why would they trash,the prototype of this "Cutting-Edge"aircraft???!It simply reminds me that there is no pride or loyalty.The,"Throw-Away"society.Is alive and well!!
It feels like someone announced the death of my favorite actor! ZA001? Retired to the desert? That's the first and only 787 I've personally seen and been on! Seeing it at Oshkosh solidified my desire to work for Boeing! How can they retire it so soon? At very least, it deserves better than the desert.
I think this plane should be donated to a Clidrens Museum or so! At least the cockpit of it!
Internet lagged *Children
It will probably go the Museum of Flight in Seattle when they have room for it.
Right now their large aircraft ramp is full and they don't have any inside storage available for it.
Besides, parking it in the desert for a while could be a good test of the airplanes long term storage capability.
Will/how fast does that particular composite material degrade in those storage conditions.
I read these things each day and most of the time don't write about it because as pilots and those of us who fly for pay it's hard to add anything new to what has been discussed so often. This however being one of the most anticipated aircraft to even get passengers excited has reached the mark down rack faster than a Christmas tree on sale the 24th of the month.

I do all I can not to let it depress me as if you have been an active pilot you know depression from the "not knowing" of day to day paychecks, I have been flying 40 years having started with being a 16 year old solo kid to getting the higher ratings as time passed. I guess it is really tough when in a span of 10 days you hear of AMR going into bankrupcy (even though it was not an if only a when) I can say this news actually startled me, I was looking for the punch line when reading the title of this article. I think this Christmas the pilot with the most promised job will be Santa Clause and for the first time flying on Christmas is something I wouldn't mind. But hey, do have a Merry Christmas and not let it keep us down (pun by accident) as we can hopefully only go up from here!
flighttest 0
Announced in 2009, the first three flight test 787 aircraft that cannot be sold due to the inordinate amount of rework and unique and extensive modifications made to the aircraft.
don't forget she has been thru a lot in the short life.
Kevin Lamp 0
Must have been going supersonic to make a 1000 mile flight in 1 hr 33 mins. Is Boeing testing top secret stuff on the 787...LOL
chalet 0
Sending it to the Smithsonian is absolutely out of the question for all of the aircraft in there provided extraordinary service throughout the years in both commercial and military applications. Just some examples, the mythical Dash 80 built in Seattle too, the DC-3, the Piper Cub and on and on. I have no doubt that the Dreamliner will eventually meet if not exceed the expectations extolled by Boeing but it will have to wait at least 10 years to be enshrined. In the meantime ZA001 can be used as testbed for new engines, electronics, etc.


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