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DC-3 aircraft videoed landing and taking off on short grass strip in Alabama

DC-3 pilot, Dan Gryder flies as aviation photographer, Blake Mathis shoots video from chase plane during landing on Alabama grass runway. ( 기타...

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totally awesome
zennermd 0
Didn't like the music.

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RIGHT ON KARL. That is the basic physical nuts and bolts technique every student pilot SHOULD have in his/her grasp. Ever considered instructing?
Cool video but could have done without the music. It would have been nice to hear the beautiful noise of those engines.
I watched it with no sound on after reading your comments and I enjoyed it! :)
I agree about the music, which is much better on this video.
Even bettter:

My brother posted a picture of a Guatemala air force DC-3 with turbo props. I did some looking around, and there seem to be a fair number of them out there. They sound downright strange for DC-3s.
In nam we had Air America flying some Beech 18's w/ turbo props. They were awesome. in and out of a 2000' strip w/full load.
Pileits 0
The music with this video STINKS
chalet 0
re-stinking crap of music, drop the damn thing NOW¡¡
Brilliant-can't beat the "Old 'Uns".
For me, the DC-3 was the best airplane ever built. My first flight was on a DC-3, in Guinea-Bissau in 1964.
The music ruins an incredibly great video.
Love the DC3, one of my favorite air planes, the best twin engine aircrft ever made in my openion.
Love the DC3, one of my favorite air planes. The best twin engine aircraft ever built, in my opinion.
awesome - without the music...
Fullagas 0
2180' is hardly a short runway for a light DC-3.
When was the last time Cowl Flaps was on your start up check list? Love the sound of a radial engine.
Lovely plane, great video!
Great video! Best plane Douglas ever built!
The music could have been left out. I like the sound of the Pratts or Wrights better.
The DC3, Dakota, C47, Goony bird, what ever you want to call it, was born to fly. It seemed to fly no matter what they did to it. They were noisy, they were cold, they were wet in a rain storm, but they flew and flew. There were stories from WWII that praised it even after 1/3 of it's wing was shot off. Pilots ar a little like fishermen in their story telling, but I believe some of the tales of the 3. I have been trying to find a reasonably die cast model in the Douglas colors to no avail. Actually I have never seen one in Douglas colors only American Airlines colors and the prices were outrageous. I expected the C130 Hercules to match it in longevity, but I don't think it is as appealing to small operators as the DC3.
My uncle flew one in WWII and loved it. He said it flew on one engine just as good as on two. If you lost an engine it could hold altitude just fine.
It made a low slow gun ship. Bad to the bone.
Puff the magic dragon!
Excelente video y buen fondo musical.Saludos.
chalet 0
the music is god-awful!!
Roger, awful music.
Is you opinion but y like this music bye.
chalet 0
This is for you DC-3 lovers a very nice clip
Great clip!!Thanks for sharing!!!
I love the airplane AND the music. DC 3" had 1850's if I remember right from my Days at Hayes Aircraft. good basic airplane, what flying in the good old days was all about with the flight computer located between the ears.
chalet 0
Ken when was it that you worked at Hayes, was it in Alabama. In the early 50s Hayes came up with the Hyper DC-3 version by replacing the original P&W 1830s with more powerful R2000s normally found in DC-4s. Pan Am, Panagra, Avianca (Colombia), USAF, USN and others used them specially in high altitude airports around Central and South America.
I worked at Hayes in the early 60's while going to UAB and your right, they were 1830's now that I think about it. I learned a lot about aircraft at hayes that helped me when I went to work at Lockheed in the mid 60's
what is it about people that think they need to add unrelated (and bad) music to these videos? I would much rather listen to the sweet song of the DC-3


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