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First Canadian Airforce C-17 Pilot

Elizabeth Crosier, age of 25, has become the first Royal Canadian Airforce's C-17(CC-177) pilot at CFB Trenton the home of 429 Transport Squadron and Canada's fleet of C-17s. ( More...

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wallace adam 1
I agree with a previous member's comment that Elizabeth is probably the first FEMALE C-17 pilot; the C-17 has been at Trenton for a while. Nevertheless, congratulations from a 1968-1970 429 Squadron member! (CC-115 Buffalos at St Hubert PQ)
cnrail65 0
about time !!! Fantastic !!!
Congratulations to Elizabeth ...great accomplishment and wish her well !!!
Roland Dent 0
Glad Canada has their own C-17s. Not so long back they were hitching rides.
Maurice Cote 0
Kudos to Captain Crosier and keep up the good work. Captain Moe
alistairm 0
She is the first FEMALE C-17 pilot. Not the first C-17 pilot in the RCAF. Include the original title of the article.
Dave Martynuik 0
Congratulation Elizabeth well done and a great accomplishment.!!!
Maurice Cote 0
Kudos to Captain Crosier and keep up the good work. Good flying to you Elisabeth and enjoy every minute that you spend up there away from the hustle and bustle on te ground. Ciao


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