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Lancaster Bomber Museum

I am sure this has been 'Squawked' before..but a piece of History just 30min or so from my location.. Very Neat Stuff if ever up for a visit..Calgary Stampede, etc. ! ( 기타...

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I've been to this museum, and it's wonderful. My father-in-law, Geoffrey Oswald King was an airplane mechanic stationed in various places in England such as Pocklington and Gransden Lodge. He spoke highly of the Lancaster, and had worked on Wimpys, Halifaxes, and of course the Lanc. He was with 405 Squadron. I had hoped to find his name or perhaps a picture of him in the museum, but didn't come across either. Geoff passed away in 2009. The Nanton museum is wonderful, and even the drive from Calgary is enjoyable. I recommend it to anyone -- young or old -- as there is a variety of memorabilia collected and stored here. A veritable treasure chest of Canadian history.
For those in or able to visit Southern Ontario, the Canadian Warplane Heritage at Hamilton's John C Munroe International Airport has one of the world's two remaining flyable Lancasters. It is in phenomenal condition and truly represents the epitome of warplane restoration! Enjoy!
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Very Nice ! They do start up the Nanton Bomber on occasion..not sure how Air Worthy it would be..but must be pretty close to it ! Wow ! They are Loud Birds, aren't they !
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On You Tube..

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I have visited the Museum several times and learn more every time. The volunters do a wonderful job. A person can easily spend two to three hours going through the place. I highly recommend stopping their the next time you go through Nanton.


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