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Sweeping Loss for Boeing in WTO Appeal

Today’s Report from the World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Body (DS353) confirms and even extends previous WTO findings. The Report confirms the existence of illegal U.S. subsidies to Boeing – previously identified by the WTO as “at least $5.3 billion” and extended by billions of US dollars as a result of today’s decision Today’s Report from the World Trade Organization (WTO) ( 기타...

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THE f***? :o seems biased to me.
Given that it's the Airbus website, I think it is fairly easy to say the report is extremely biased
One sided report. Biased. Airbus is probably still smarting after the WTO ruled against them about a year ago.
JD345 1
The actual WTO findings, without all of that hysterical Airbus spin:
btweston 1
In other news, Sony says that Panasonic sucks.
BTW , I posted it because it was biased. I love the 787 bashing.
OMG!!!! A report about Boeing on Airbus's corporate website, is biased??? Holy crap!! Stop the world, i want to get off!!! Corporate Propaganda folks. Everyone uses it, even BOEING!! Don't get your boxers in a bind.


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