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TSA Nabs Suspected Al Qaida Terrorist At O’Hare International Airport, A Toddler in a Wheelchair

A toddler in a wheelchair is stopped by the TSA at ORD (O’Hare Airport in Chicago) and forced to into a sequestered area. ( 기타...

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Okay the family is booked on a flight to Disney world. Has all the things one expects of a family going on vacation. Just doesn't pass the smell test fro a security threat. Sometimes people need to use some common sense. I believe a terrorist plans more for the action then the window dressing to get through security. This family and child posed no threat to anyone.

About the only good thing that can be said is the agent did appear to do what he could to not upset the child. If that is any consolation.
Better look out there's a boogey man under the bed!! They manage to top every previous episode. I hate to think what's next?
This was discussed over the weekend on local radio, and someone called in saying something similar happened to his 5 year-old, who had broken his leg two days prior and was forced by TSA to stand on his casted leg. He was in terrible pain, and it caused enough damage that the child had to be taken back to the doctor and have his leg rebroken so it could be reset.

I say again, TSA are a bozo dog and pony show!!And worse yet the supervision of TSA agents lacks any common thinking! And generall they screw up the swab procedure, I brough this to the head of TSA for SNA and they still screw it up. I mentioned to TSA that I was speaking as a master trainer for this type of procedure, in other words I taught teachers to teach, BUT I never taught bozo TSA agents!
He sure looks like he's a mastermind at taking down airplanes! They should have given him a full body scan too! Who knows! He probably swallowed something explosive!....The TSA is starting to piss me off.....
oowmmr 1
The poor kid isn't where it where it would be hidden, anyway....push the red buckle button. Oh brother!!
TSA needs to change their emblem to a Swastika. This is ridiculous. Another Government monstrosity spinning out of control.
Good lord! I don't comment often, but I'm pretty disgusted by this comment. Do you have any idea what you're saying? A Swastika? People are quick to hop on board with the throngs of others who continually hate on the TSA people for doing their job, but do you think Terrorists wear big signs that say "I'm a Terrorist"? Do you think they carry explosives in a clear plastic bag?
Stryker-I think a lot of people are of the opinion that all we are doing at this point is harrassing the citizens. The only people that have tried to blow up a plane lately were lame immitation terrorists. Frankly, the threat to planes is not all that great anymore. You can't highjack them, all you can do is blow them up. If you want to blow up people there are plenty of places to do that with better bodycount and you don't even have to get searched first. I don't think TSA will catch the real guys, they havent even caught the loons. What are we really proving by having 60k+ people working with no results. It just doesn't make sense anymore. You are right in that most of the
tsa workers are just trying to do their job. When is enough enough? Are we going to do this forever? Is the tsa going to expand to guard schools, office buildings, trains, trucks, cars, bridges, plants, ???????? you get the idea. Before terrorists came along there was always a loon every once in a while that tried or did blow up a plane. They shoot kids in school too. They are everywhere. WE just have to accept the risk.
Sanky22 2
I don't understand the train security thing much. I mean, they have all this security at the main stations, but if someone really wanted to plant a bomb, they would do it on the tracks or at a smaller station.
Exactly. That is one reason high speed rail is not viable.
James: Although I respect the fact that you are permitted to have your own opinion, I think this is the kind of thinking that opens the door for trouble. It is most certainly not harrassing citizens. It is a part of our modern world that we err on the side of caution, and if we don't, someone will take advantage.

The fact that all these people are working and are not finding bombs in every other suitcase is not a fluke, it's a result! It's not just about catching the bad guys, it's about preventing them from trying anything in the first place.

As I say, you are entitled to have an opinion... I'm just glad you aren't in charge of national security.
Ya, we all got opinions. Mine is that vigilant citizens are our best protection. Remember, cops carry guns for their protection not yours. If you are pinning your hopes on the government taking care of you I wish you luck my friend.
Stryker, those who give up their freedom for security will soon have neither. What else are you willing to give up? How about being frisked as you leave a grocery store to see if you have too many bags of frozen pees? How about a quick scan as you enter a church or mosque? Little by little people like you have stood by to watch our freedoms be slowly erroded by a governemnt that is no longer of the people. Today, we fear the government. It was set up to be the other way around. Thanks, Stryker, for being one of those who helped goverment to control US.
Sanky22 1
I think TSA is as low as you can go. People just harrassing you by doing "their job" and they probably go there because they can't get a job at McDonald's or whatever.
THIS is why America will be attacked again...because TSA is too busy fondling senior citizens and analyzing 3 year olds with broken legs!!!!

An attack is imminent!!! Especially with people like this working for the TSA!!
Stupid, biased headline! As much as I dislike the TSA, they were only doing their job. If explosives can be hidden in a shoe or underwear, imagine how much can be packed into the hollow tubes of a wheelchair or in a leg cast. If an aircraft had been brought down and it was determined the explosive had been hidden in a wheelchair or a cast, you critics would then be screaming about the ineptness of the TSA.
Right... The TSA doesn't bother me, they are only doing their job. I'm sure they get upset over constantly being mocked. But you know what? It really wouldn't surprise me if some terrorist wacko did decide to strap a bomb to a child. After all, they don't care who they kill or who they use to get their plan carried out. Such a sad world these days.... :/

Either way, I always try to be polite to these people... it's not easy doing a job that everyone seems to hate upon.
iflyfsx 1
I forgot to mention: You should ask youself why "everyone seems to hate" the TSA. If they were actually doing a legitimate screening job and making people safer, who could possibly hate them? They would be adored. They are only hated because they are NOT doing their job, they are wasting a huge chunk of our money, they are invasive, rude, arrogant and above the law. They are making us LESS safe. They deserve all the hate they get, and then some.
The reason the TSA is still in business is WE haven't stood up and said NO MORE!! To this point they have proven their complete incompetence on a nearly daily basis. If you don't believe me just do a couple of google searches. Their failure rate on internal tests is over 50%. So that means we have only stopped half the bad guys, and guess what, nothing has happened. Why? Because the bad guys know they're not going to get into the hardened cockpit. If they did there's a good chance they will be shot dead by a highly trained armed pilot. If they whip out that box cutter, the passengers and cabin crew will beat them to death. There should be enough active sensing devices in an airport that no explosive will make it from the departure desk to the jet. All that eyewash at the checkpoint is telling the koolaide drinkers they are safe. More importantly, the TSA is keeping thousands of otherwise unemployable people on the government payroll.
iflyfsx 0
The "just doing my job" excuse didn't work at Nuremberg. If your "job" requires you to do disgusting, illegal things, YOU are responsible. Invasive searches without a warrant or probable cause are ILLEGAL, but we are choosing not to prosecute those crimes.

If "terrorists" hid explosives in a wheelchair, the TSA is not going to find them. They have not caught ONE "terrorist" EVER, and we know they let through a few who were later charged as terrorists. Their failure rate for dangerous items detected is a joke, according to their own internal audits.

Giving up your rights for a false sense of security doesn't make you safer.

Reinforced cockpit doors and alert passengers is all you need, and we already have that. The rest is just insanely expensive security theater for the morons who think 1) 100% safety is a possibility, 2) if only we give up all our rights to a completely inept government agency.
Sir, you and I are on the same wave length. Sealed cockpits , armed pilots, vigilant citizens is all we need. Air marshals are ok as nobody knows where they are. A good deterant. TSA is a high priced scales sense of security. Accept that there is risk and remember cops carry guns for their protection not for yours.
99NY -1
Thanks for posting a levelheaded and common sense statement about the TSA. Quite a rare thing these days.
I just posted the title as it was printed.
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Video showing toddler's airport pat-down goes viral

A video shot in 2010 showing a 3-year-old boy receiving a pat-down from a TSA agent.


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