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(audio) Lufthansa A340 Pilot wants to leave his airplane LOL

While waiting in a long queue for departure at New York's Kennedy airport, a Lufthansa flight crew is alerted to a possible fuel panel door open on the outside of the fuselage. After confirmation from another pilot, the Lufthansa pilot requests to leave the aircraft to close the door. After the pilot was cleared to close it, a little giggling from the Tower Controller ensues. ( 기타...

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Hah this past year I watched a 747 on the adjacent gate stop mid-push back because one of the passengers passport was found at the boarding gate. You could see someone up at the terminal windows with a radio flailing his arms about lol! They halted and passed the passport up to the FO through the avionics bay, rather than inuring the fine for bringing a passenger into the destination country without a valid passport...
Back in the 80's, I worked at EWR on the ramp for CO. A passenger decided to not go on the flight, but left his briefcase onboard. The FO came through the floor door in the cockpit to the avionics bay, then out behing the nosewheel with the briefcase. It was an A300.
How would he get out of the plane?
Check this photo out. It is of a 330, but i am sure the 3340 has the same access:
cool picture!
Dubslow 2
One of the comments on the YouTube video says that there's a door (presumably in the floor) behind the Captain's seat into an avionics bay, which then has a ladder/door just in front of the nose gear.

Because the Captain did obviously get out and knew how to do so (and in lack of a better explanation) I'm inclined to believe it.
Look at this PDF about the A340 flight deck/systems and yes, there is indeed a hatch behind the captain's seat that leads to the avionics bay:
Dubslow 1
Next question: What about a 747? :P
Also, check this photo out, A340:
I would have loved to have seen the pilot climbing out of the plane and closing that panel door!
oowmmr 1
I wonder what "Mother" had to say??
Yazoo 1
Oh, That is when you miss the 727 old with the aft airstairs. I've closed a few external power doors after taxing out.
Before you comment I know that there are 737's with optional self contained boarding stairs.
Bac 111 as well.
LOL. Hilarious. I wonder if they told the paxs.


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