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TSA proposes firing 7 Philadelphia airport employees

Seven Transportation Security Administration employees at Philadelphia International Airport face losing their jobs after an eight-month internal investigation into an alleged bribery scandal, the agency announced Friday. ( More...

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They always top the last fiasco don't they? 8 month investigation? Typical speed of govt in action? So a real and documented threat takes 8 months but a cupcake or GI joe 2" rifle is an immediate response. Charges filed in any cases? Doubtful. They are a disgrace on all levels.
BC Hadley 1
Meanwhile, the seven being investigated are still drawing pay; if they are guilty, that's a lot of wasted money. If they are innocent, that's eight months of Hell for them. We all know it is not a simple process, but it would be helpful to understand why the investigation is taking so long.


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