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Comair to be shut down Sept. 29

Delta has made its decision regarding the fate of Comair. ( 기타...

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What will happen to Delta Private Jets? They are owned by Comair.
Comair was wholly owned by Delta. Comair owns nothing. DPJ operates separately from DAL anyway.
Okay, Ive been with DPJ for a month and I thought we were owned by Comair. Good to know.
Yet another "fallen flag" in the airline world...
Unfortunately the effects from the merger with NW are still happening. Delta simply has too many regionals that it owns and doesn't need, and has to scale it back. Mesaba is all but gone, including all of its NW route structure. Add to it the increasing cost of fuel forcing a move away from the 50 seat and smaller markets, you have the deathblow of many of these regional airlines. Just wait for this effect to trickle down at UA/CO, and if a possible merger of AA and US occurs.
Mesaba is no longer Delta Owned. It was purchased by Pinnacle. The Mesaba name was to be the new name for Colgan, but in light of shutting down that operation the Mesaba name will be hisotry.
Yes, but who does Pinnacle work for?
Pinnacle works for Pinnacle, no subsidiary. We fly based on Delta Contracts.
Well, the effects of the merger and slow death of GVG hasn't helped any, but it really started several years ago during the DAL bankruptcy; when DAL had so many pilots furloughed. All the regionals tried to help out and put some of them to work, except ComAir.Word is they kicked/screamed like a spoiled brat and said Hell No! Hence the rise of what was ASE and some others and as DAL came out of BR and the NWA merger, all that was remembered. I guess what goes around comes around.
No Sir. Your "word" is wrong. The Delta pilots were offered jobs at Comair. At the bottom of the seniority list like every other new hire. They refused and that was their choice. If there was any kicking and screaming, it was at Delta not Comair.
I won't dispute your word. That was just what came out of some friends in ATL. I don't guess it matters one way or other now. While they have been around for years, around that time ASE and Pinnacle really started coming on stronger, for whatever reason. I appreciate the info
It wasn't the issue of being placed at the bottom of the Comair list, it was them requiring the furloughed Delta pilots to resign any recall rights to Delta that was what made things bitter. This along with a misguided few pushing the "R.J.D.C." had the Delta pilots unhappy with Comair. The Comair strike in the summer of 2001 had Delta unhappy with Comair. It's been a slow death for Comair ever since. The worst thing that ever happened to Comair was being bought out by Delta instead of continuing to grow on its own and becoming another Airtran or Jetblue.
Sounds like there was enough blame there for everybody. While coming thru ComAir, I wonder if that " resigning recall rights"came from Delta so they could take them off the furlough and seniority lists? I know guys at DAL in ATL were sure bad mouthing about it.
FYI, there is a story on local (Cincinnati) news that some OH employees are thinking about starting a new regional carrier. I don't know how long this link will be active:
SkyVoice 2
Comair was born 35 years ago in David Mueller's house in Hebron, Kentucky. Its death knell was sounded today at a board room in Atlanta. If this is euthanasia, it has been anything BUT humane!

I was privileged and honored to work for Comair at CVG, 1998-2000. I worked inside, first as a Ticket Agent, then as a Gate Agent at Concourse C. I have never worked for a more professional organization. I wish the remaining employees well. Most of the ones I worked with are long gone, but I still have a few acquaintances there. May God be with those who have families to support come September 29.
I was through there as a pax on an occasional basis in the mid 90's when CVG was in it's heyday and it was a first class operation. I have been through there a time or 2 since and it is sad to see the downgrade and now this.
What is really amazing is that a strory like this has been posted for a couple of days and one would have thought it would have really generated some quick and good comments. It now has 32 comments and all of them good, but with the exception of a few, most weren't posted til yesterday or last nite. Just Strange!
Where will the CRJ-s go? UNITED maby?
I read a story a while back that mention most will be going back to GE. Delta leases most of their planes from GE. the article was talking about what GE was going to do with this abundance of returned aircraft.
Many fleets are retiring their CRJ-100 and CRJ-200 aircraft. Most are being sent overseas, being refurbished as corporate aircraft, or being sent to the desert for a long, possibly permanent vacation.

50 seat jets were very attractive 10-15 years ago when jet fuel was relatively cheap. At todays fuel prices though, they are prohibitively expensive to operate on the short routes they are generally used on. The only 50 seat aircraft you will be seeing in the near future will be turboprops, and even then most airlines are opting for larger 70 or more seat models.
dba74m 0
Probably to storage/ parts and overseas emerging markets such as Africa and Asia.
Or they will go to the other regionals of Delta.
FWA2500 0
OO is taking some of the 50s, but again, DL is massively cutting back the 50-seat aircraft across the entire Delta Connection fleet. the 700s and 900s will be distributed among the other carriers as it sees fit along with the 30+ 70-seaters that are on order.
I flew for them from Jan 05 to Nov 08. They were a damn decent carrier back then. We were treated well, most everyone was professional and our passengers seemed to like us as much as you can when you're crammed in a 50 seat RJ.

We knew even then it would never last. They will be missed.
How much is Mr. Ryan Gumm going to take out of this as a severance package?
Somewhere, either in this thread or in the story, I saw 65 million
I hate to see this. Working Maintenance Control for a regional airline, I talk to a lot of COMAIR Mechanics that we use for Contact. I really feel for everyone envolved.
that really stinks

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that wasnt the issue, in the end it had little to do with OH management and mostly to do with DL.
Phil: they ain't nothing right about that and it definitly leaves a bad taste in folks mouths, BUT, about the part of your question talking about the legality of it; All those management contracts were approved by that company's board before those guys were ever hired. In very few of them is there anything about performance of the company; they are mostly tied to PERFORMANCE TO THE BOARD AND THE MONEY THEY CAN MAKE IT. I personally think it ALL stems back to the early 80's and the junk bond craze, when you could buy for nothing and sell for something and make wads of money, to heck with the working stiff. There were many companies in the country in a corporate group, feeding off each other, employess secure and the the company/corporation both making good money. Along came the junk bond craze, corporations bought for nothing, companies sold off or closed down and real $ made either from sale or tax write off. Little known people made scads of money and the working folks suffered. Companies that survived as separate entities were just a shadow of their former selves.


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