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Lower Airfares Expected soon

Airfares should drop 10% to 20% starting next month as fall fares start, says Rick Seaney, CEO of travel website FareCompare. ( More...

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Ev Butler 3
First thing I noticed was the mis-spelling. I feel the same way. Time to bring on a proofreader?
preacher1 1
Somebody said awhile back to just put a spell checker on it. Good idea but that is a proper word so it would have missed it. A live body is needed. That should have been caught while it was still in "NEW SQUAWKS"
Jim Wakefield 2
I think your headline re.a drop in air fares should read "Lower Airfares Expected", rather than "Excepted" We musn't confuse the travelling public now, must we?

Sorry to be a typical British pedantic soul, but I guess it does mislead a little

Jim - Manchester UK
joel wiley 1
I thought lower airfares already were the exception.
Sooo.. just like the oil gangster brainwashing?? Lower than the last extortion but still at record levels ... so all is good! Get used to it!


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