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Southwest’s Newest Promotion: Charging your Credit Card Multiple Times

Southwest tried to build its reputation by offering half-off fares. It quickly backfired when passenger's cards were charged upwards of 20 times. ( 기타...

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SWAir is still my #1 carrier. Missed the 1/2 off promo, but won't next time. Their response will be a class act. Glad IT guys not flying their new aircraft!!!
i hope my in-laws didn't have the same thing happen
Well I'm glad southwest is going to make things right. If anybody was overdrafted, southwest should pay those fees as well. Over draft fees can total hundreds of dollars depending on how many transactions there are in the negative.
indy2001 0
Don't hold your breath waiting for SW to repay extra fees. The amount charged to the account is all they're likely to refund.
dax9876 2
@indy2001 Wrong.

"Here is an overview of our current efforts:

- All erroneous bookings have been identified and refunds are currently being processed for all Customers impacted with duplicate bookings.
- We have heard Customer concerns regarding cancellation of their original reservation and have instructed our Employees to restore the itinerary, honoring the original fare.
- For those Customers who used debit cards and have received overdraft fees as a result of the additional charges, we will process a reimbursement for all overdraft fees that were caused by duplicate charges from Southwest for a single purchase. If you incurred overdraft fees, please fax documentation of those fees via a letter from your bank or a copy of your account showing the fees to 877-506-0154."

From SWA FB page.
Why am I not surprised.
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Southwest pays refunds after computer glitch

Southwest Airlines said Sunday it has begun filing refunds to customers who were accidentally billed multiple times for a single flight, after a half-price online ticket promotion backfired.
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Southwest Airlines promo glitch charges customers for flights aplenty

Southwest is always "cheap" as in the cheap quality


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