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Canadian Aviation in Spotlight Amid Exodus to US

The Canadian Government has said it will look into alleviating the high cost of flying in an attempt to stem the flow of Canadian travelers flocking to US airports in search of more affordable air travel. ( 기타...

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ALL Canadian governments just LOVE to tax, tax, tax, that is the reason behind the higher airfares. Ric is correct in stating that the airfares seem to be the same "low" price for many years, however economies of scale are a major reason for that. The downside to that is also correct in that "service" for the most part is non-existent".
When I drive though the parking lot at the Buffalo airport, half or more of the cars have Ontario plates. The have even built 3 or 4 large hotels across the street to house the Canadians the night before and after their flights. Business is booming at the nearby mall and resturants. Thanks Canada!
Given the fact that oh 70% of the population of Canada lives within a two or three hour drive of a major US Airport, this trend will continue.
This is what socialism brings. High taxes which make for expensive services.Taxes which people will go to great lengths to avoid.
mdelince 1
If I recall correctly the US government pays (i.e. spends the money collected through taxes) for all the expenses of additional "security" in airports and for all the FAA related to airport and in-flight cost.
It so happens that additional "security" in Canadian airport are paid for by the airlines and the airlines pay NavCan for the "FAA" (somewhat) equivalent services.
Apparently government taxes make flying cheaper.
Ironic isn't it...
chalet 1
And quite the opposite happens with prescription drugs, the Canadian government imposes severe price controls so a great deal of Americans go north to save, ditto down Mexico way.
Socialism?? Bad pricing happens in the US also and it's directly due to capitalism. The former Continental's control of the majority of flights in and out of EWR and the high parking prices of the sub-contracted lots made me, and thousands of others, look at PHL or ACY as a way to save a bit of cash causing many not use EWR at all unless they were the only option. Sort of the same thing the Canucks are doing. If they are close enough to a US airport they are shopping price.
With most Canadians living within 60 miles of the border it is logical they would drive a little to save alot.US carriers do not charge enough for tickets. I bought a round trip to Hong Kong this week in Y for $885. I have an old Pan Am timetable that lists the same destination for $880. It is dated 1956! Canada should encourage the US to increase prices to stop the flow of crossborder fliers.

I really liked some aspects of the CAB setting prices. They made sure the airlines made enough to pay everybody a living wage, the planes were kept spotless, and safety was priority. Every destination had the same price, so tickets were freely exchanged. The best part was the airlines had better service because it was the only way to compete for travellers.

I would like to see an end to the see-saw pricing that insures every flight is full, and last minute passengers pay very high prices. It would also stop the situation where half the distance is twice as much as popular long distance destinations.
Ric: we all probably would but then we'd be first in line to gripe about high prices. It is out there as well in rail and trucking as all were deregulated within a few years of each other and they are still trying to learn how to compete in a free market. I doubt we'll ever see it go back anywhere close to what it was, especially when the bankruptcy court is so easily available when the losses get too big. All the legacies have been thru it, with AMR there now. Personally, like 'em or hate 'em, I think DAL has done the best job of surviving BR and coming thru both a merger and BR and now making a little money. It seems to be the model that the rest are going after.


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