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Boeing On Course To Sell More Planes Than Airbus

November 9, 2012 Bookmark and Share Boeing reported more than 1,000 net new orders so far this year, putting it on course to sell more aircraft than Airbus for the first time since 2006. Boeing recorded 1009 net orders by November 6, primarily driven by demand for 737 narrow-body jets. The company has received 990 net orders for 737s this year. ( 기타...

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Go Boeing
JD345 3
Leahy will probably announce a 2-for-1 deal to catch up.
They still won't catch up ! ha...ha...ha...
If it ant Boeing, it ant going!
Not surprising . Mature thinking , sound management and professional approach are the corner stones of business development , market development included . And in all three branches of business, Boeing are way ahead of their prime rival .
I flew on a United 739 recently, it was really nice. I think it was an ex-Continental plane, it looked new and was a lot more fun to fly on than United's A320s. Then again, i flew on one of their 757s and that thing had seen better days lol. I don't fly all that much but it was nice to fly on a good looking new Boeing.
Fuck airbus and their junk planes! Boeing makes such beautiful aircraft that anything else is a disgrace.
Language please... Where I totally hate the Airbus, and agree with your analogy, I must have to disagree with your first word. There may be young eyes viewing.


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