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Qantas Passenger Costs Airline $120,000 for Diverted Landing

A passenger cost Qantas roughly $120,000 when the flight he was on had to divert for an emergency landing. ( More...

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Pileits 6
Don't be surprised if in fact Qantas DOES sue this man in civil court, and I think they should even though they will probably not collect any money due to the fact the man will probably have to not only declare bankruptcy but will also have to pay civil fines and possibly some jail time on top of all the rest.
preacher1 2
Well, you are probably right but it's the thought that
preacher1 2
Personally, I wish more of them would as he is not the first to cause a diversion like that, but if they ever do, you never hear about it, and if they do, they need to get the word out; just broadcast it as a deterrent. If they don't, in the case of a US airline, they write it off on taxes and we the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill.
JD345 1
I don't know about the Australian courts, but if this was in America I imagine that if the guy got convicted of the handful of charges they filed against him regarding hellraising on an airplane, they wouldn't have too difficult of a time winning the civil case.
John Reilly 1
QANTAS won't sue. Criminal law is one thing - civil law is another beast altogether. They supplied the alcohol to him, according to the story in the link, so QANTAS has some/a lot of liability in this too. Did they supply this alcohol to a stone-cold sober passenger? Oh really? (Forgive my cynicism.) I have been on flights and seen people consume the tax-free alcohol that they have brought onto the plane with them. Airlines would do themselves and all of us a big favour if they handed over the liquor that they sell on-board at the exit door.
"The drama unfolded about 30 minutes into the flight as Cooke became heavily intoxicated, drinking from a bottle of vodka he brought on to the aircraft. He became agitated when cabin crew confronted him for lighting a cigarette, Ms Meginyte said."
I think it was his own
Stephen Taylor 3
Blacklist this guy from any future commercial flights!!!

[This poster has been suspended.]

preacher1 1
Makes you wonder why he was not charged, let alone sued by Qantas and the Airport for the expenditure
I like your thinking. Is it possible to open the rear-cabin door in flight with the pressure equalised ?
Peter Rabyk 2
I have two words for Mr. Cooke...JACK-ASS!!!!
doug bell 2
he should be required to pay all cost related to the event
Torsten Hoff 2
How did he get through security with a bottle of vodka?
John Reilly 1
Read the story. He bought it on the plane. You have to wonder about the wisdom of supplying tax-free bottles of alcohol to any passenger on a long-haul flight before the doors open at the other end.
Bret Bradford 1
John, you need to reread the story. Says he brought it on the aircraft. Notice the R? Anyway, back to Torsten's question. How did he make it through security? Do they not have the 3 oz rule or similar?
Dee Lowry 2
Well, at least the airline is not the problem with this one. Yes, they dumped $120,000 of fuel just to get this guy off the airplane! Look at the expense of Quantas to do it!
Landing Fees
Ramp Tower Fees
AirTraffic Fees
Push Back Fees
Runway Light Fees
Not to mention: violation of disorderly conduct which carries a penalty of 2 years imprisonment and spitting on and hitting a crew member which carries a max of 10 years.
They flew from Sydney and diverted to Cairns, Australia...1,678 miles away. The airport was closed at the time and had to re-open to facilitate the emergency landing at 1:45am local. Then you have to figure in the security personel, the transportation to the pokey and the smoking violation. Did I leave anything out? Just one person disrupted 350 passengers because of his can't fix "stupid"!
BooCoo bucks was spent on this idiot! And it happens more than you know. It's sad. And people wonder why the airlines get a bad rap.
And the Crew members do their best to do what they do save your ass! Don't mean that in a bad way but we are trained to protect the aircraft and save people's lives, in the event of an emergency. Not to give you a crappy tray of food. I have to say though, he, should not have been put on the aircraft from the "get go"!
Tony Damiano 2
Let's hope they make an example of this moron. I couldn't think of anything worse than being stuck on a plane with an obnoxious trouble maker such as this.
Bob shuster 1
On a LanCile flight from Puera Montt to Punta Arenas severel years ago and prior to 9/11.
A passenger sitting just in front of me was being a real problem with the crew, demaning lunch now, attempting to open the cockpit door and in general being stupid. I was trying to
figure out if I should use a belt to tie him down when 3 pretty good size Chilian men came
back to his seat and forced him to stay in it. When we arrived at Punta Arenas the local police came on board and made him stay in his seat until all had deplaned. Found out later that he was a T.V. personality from Santiago and was high on drugs. He spent time in jail.
Everyone on the flight was very uncomfortable. Now, after 9/11, passengers would become more proactive and strapped him to his seat. I now carry heavy duty zip ties in my carryon
James Carlin 1
This is why I plan ahead. WAY ahead. I never took up smoking, so when I get drunk in a plane I do not feel the urge to smoke in the toilet! When my friends started smoking I would always say "no thanks, I might get drunk on a plane and attempt to smoke".
How did he light the cigarette? So you can have matches and a bottle of vodka? Hundred proof burns real well. Go figure!
Our friend, Mr. Al Cohol does it again.
dave smith 1
why waste $120000 THROW HIM OFF at 30000ft into the sea as shark food
Ed Mentz 1
oh well,guess you hafta add a straight jacket to the cabin crews TO&E...
preacher1 0
Well, note in the charges or in the story, he was not charged with being drunk or for having that bottle of Vodka, and like Torsten posted here below, how did he get it on board?
Ric Wernicke 3
He bought the bottle at duty free and was not rescreened. Anyway, one can't get to .3 BAC in 30 minutes of flight. He was soused when he boarded. The airline and security should have noticed his impairment and denied boarding.
Chris Donawho 0
After all the Crown and Kettle One I got for Christmas yesterday, Im surprised Im not blowing .3 BAC right now!
Andriy Tsyupka 0
soon they will have small jail rooms for these type of cases LOL
Well they deserved to lose $120,000. Restrain him and continue the flight. Stupidity rules!!!
preacher1 3
BTW, a little late. I missed wishing ya'll a Merry Christmas so here's a late one. I hope Santy was good to you and may an an angel ride on your shoulder this coming year.
Thanks Preacherman, same to you!!!
preacher1 1
I have about a foot of snow around my place. Daughter's workplace is closed so she is at home and warm/comfy and son/daughter in law/grandkids are down at her Mom's and warm/comfy. They may come back later today after some melt. It wasn't all that bad as it fell softly last night, BUT, we are sending it and all that Tstorm South of us up your way so you can play in it all for a day or 3.LOL
Let it come, I'm going to Barbados later...
preacher1 1
You had better get on out of town and climb
Dee Lowry 1
Come on Thustt. They deserved it? Would you want to be inconvienienced because of this guys stupity? I would think...NOT!
He has a point though Dee. Bind him and gag him and let him lay in the isle like a dog turd and he will probably not be a repeat offender! Lol. That said, can you think of a worse place to sell alcohol than in an airport or on a plane? Apparently the airlines and port authorities are willing to put up with the consequences to reap the profit. This is coming from someone who has drank their fair share in that environment, but I could live with it either way. Same old story, everyone pays the price for the one rotten apple.
Dee Lowry 1
I think I put a "?" mark where it wasn't suppose to be but at any rate, he cost the airline money, spit and punched a crew member? Wallace, I agree with you. This guy was loaded before he got on board and he , most likely, got the alcohol from "Duty Free", which is delivered to the airplane. Don't know why the airlines. and port authorities put up with this. Personally, as a crew member, I did not put up with that kind of behavior. And yes, everybody pays the price for that one bad apple. It happens too often and people wonder why the "ticket prices spike"! Apparently, the airlines and the port authority are willing to "kiss their asses"...I've seen it too many times! It's all about the "All Mighty Dollar"! Not the old days, when it used to be fun and care free.
preacher1 1
The "OLD DAYS" are lone gone. The younger generation has taken over and threw values and morality out the window in exchange for a "ME FIRST" attitude and they soundly gave us OBAMA for another 4 years. We have 2 options, Pray that Lord comes and takes us out of this mess or live with it. I personally hope he hurries up because there is no telling what all is going to happen in the next 4 years. My sermon and politics for today!!!!!! GOOD MORNING GANG!!!!!
Dee Lowry 1
Oh Preacher...You're killing me! I'm saying to myself...Please baby Jesus...make it fast and not painful! You is the younger generations world and we are just passing thru it! And god help us with the next 4 years of "Obamanation"!! Good morning Syria!!!
Dee Lowry 1
In addition, Wallace...Flying used to be "Fun" it's a "Burden". No more "Good old days". Happy New Year!!
True. Happy New Year


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