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Photo: One Way To Deal With "Unruly" Airline Passengers? Duct Tape

Passenger drank all of his duty free liquor on the flight from Iceland to JFK yesterday. When he became unruly, (i.e. trying to choke the woman next to him and screaming the plane was going to crash), fellow passengers subdued him and tie him up for the rest of the flight. He was escorted off the flight by police when it landed. ( 기타...

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As they say, "silence is golden but duct tape is silver!" I bet that hirt to take off, hahaha.
That was green.LOL
Well.. The Government wants us to go Green, so why not Green Duct tape....
Yet another use for Duct Tape
Duct tape fixes many things.
As they say, "silence is gopden but duct tape is silver!" I bet that hirt to take off, hahaha.
I can't believe they didn't file any charges against that jerk. Choking and spitting on people is OK as long as your judgement is impaired by alcohol?
dagur 2
They did file charges
If you have an updated link, please post it so we all can see it, but the original URL says that none were filed.
dagur 2
I only have a very poorly translated article from an Icelandic website.

He's free to go for now but Icelandair will be pressing charges.
As a health and safety issue, it's about time airlines world-wide banned alcohol on board all international flights. It's just too risky in such a closed space. Surely people can wait until they land.
I 100% agree with you....however....we both if there is a way to make a dollar on an airplane, in this industry, it will remain
oowmmr 2
Why do some people get so plastered and obnoxious when drinking? That person won't remember a thing, either!!
"[no charges were warranted] Because these incidents happen..." Ya, so do running red lights but nobodies getting off the hook for those.
J L 1
I'm not convinced this photo was taken on the Icelandair flight in question. In the photo, that's 2x2 seating into which the unruly passenger is taped. According to flightaware, all the KEF-JFK flights in the last twelve days were flown by 752's or 753's. Icelandair does have 2x2 seating on their 757's, but only in business class. I'm pretty sure those seats in the photo are economy seats.

I know that Icelandair has, in the past, leased a 767. I don't know if they are leasing one now. Nonetheless, the KEF-JFK flights are all listed as 757's.
Those seats are 3x3. He's sitting between two armrests, and there are two more behind him. It looks like 2x2 because the B seat in the row in front of him is slightly reclined.
RayRev 1
Maybe flightaware dosen't know about this flight.
...and maybe it really doesn't matter!
J L 1
Well... that might be a bit excessive. Perhaps people should be banned from drinking liquor they purchased in duty free. That way, flight attendants would be in control of passengers' alcohol consumption.

When I really need to sleep on a long flight, that little glass of wine with dinner really helps. I'm willing to bet that it's healthier than the pharmaceutical sleep aids.
They are only supposed to consume alcohol on board an a/c that is served by the Flight Crew. Apparently, this idiot did not listen.
shoulda thrown his ass in the john
It'd be easier to just give hime quite a bit more to drink, he'd then sleep the entire flight away...
I meant to say drink too much. Darn auto correct.
If he had spit on a cop though it would be assault. As for him possibly vomiting, and choking on it while gagged, well, he brought this upon himself.
Good for them! I rarely fly, but just did this past week and seeing how "cozy" things are nowadays, I'd imagine an obnoxious/out-of-control passenger could make things bad really fast.
Idiot. If some jackass does something similar on a flight I am on, whatever it takes to NOT make an unscheduled landing or delay my travel plans is what needs to be done - including but by no means limited to using tape to keep a moron in their seat. I would also have taped his head in place, made sure his eyelids could not close, and set the TV screen to the in flight safety channel.
See there, duct tape has many uses! Everybody should always keep a roll nearby.
Way to go passsengers. The flight crew can't handle every situation. Once in awhile we have to lend a hand.
Note to self: pack duct tape in carry-on!
eddyandy 1
Panty hose over the head would have stopped the spitting problem. However, how do you stop a foul mouth?
My mom used soap.... (and it worked!)
One thing about soap... You never forget the taste :)... Truly one of a kind.
LOL, I love it... I have always wanted to do something like that.. Will have to add Duct Tape to my travel kit along with a few heavy duty Ty Wraps... What a great idea and innovation. Wonder who had all the parts :)
canuck44 1
Too bad the Captain didn't drop him off in Goose Bay, Labrador. Reports from England are that he was taken to a hospital in Queens and the Port Authority decided not to file charges. Better he wake up in a cold RCMP cell, two feet of snow and -20 wind chill outside and left to find his way home...wherever that might be.
A cold RCMP cell is like a 5 star Marriott compared to Queens!!!
btweston -6
Perhaps you aren't considering the political ramifications involved with diverting a flight between two specific countries to a third country just because some commenter on flightaware believes that drunk people should be treated like women in the middle east.
preacher1 10
Dang ain't we testy tonite
canuck44 2
Actually I was thinking of you...I did a gig in MAD a few years ago and on the way home to MIA on American a guy pulled this same type of crap, indecent exposure and molesting the female cabin crew. Captain came back and the guy took a swing at him. Fifteen minutes later we descended into Bermuda where the very efficient bobbies come in the front door and took him out the back, unfortunately using the stairway.

As I had looked after another sick passenger I filled out the usual reports and left the crew my email. I got a note about a month later thanking me for volunteering and that the guy rotted in jail in Bermuda for three weeks before he got sprung. All his high priced Miami legal help could do nothing for him. Having spent a short time in that brig as a young midshipman, I can attest to the degree of crowding and discomfort he endured.

I know what you would do.
LOL. Goodnight.
canuck44 3
You must be in jest...this occurred in Canadian airspace and there would be no "political" ramifications. Goose is a frequent stop as is Gander where the aircraft was controlled. YHZ has regular "drop ins". In fact, on this forum last year the very situation come up and the individual involved was refused a ticket on Air Canada as he tried to find his way home from Goose to the USA. Likewise being drunk is one matter, but choking the woman in the next seat and interfering with the aircraft operation is entirely another and generally frowned upon.

Unscheduled stops are very common, particularly when there are big headwinds over the Atlantic now that many airlines are using 757's. The Concorde was a regular drop in to YHZ for fuel and repairs.

Do a Google or Bing search for "Goose Bay Gander Unruly Passenger" and you will find this is a common occurrence involving both men and women. All are taken very seriously by the RCMP and subject the passenger to an expensive hangover to get home...especially to Moscow like the last woman.
As a retired paramedic, I see a big problem with taping over this passenger's mouth. It partially obstructs his airway. This is always dangerous. If he had vomited, not uncommon when people front too much, he could have died. Better to put up with some yelling than to face possible criminal prosecution and a suit from the family.
I have a problem with it not being taped. He was probably Spitting, Shouting Obscenities, none that were tolerated. tough luck, he brought it on himself.
If he choked to death on his own vomitus and or couldn't breath, TS!
He brought it on himself. No compassion for a drunk. Before he started, he knew what he was doing. Sorry Charlie... no compassion here... Wish I was there to help with the Duct Taping :)
Remind me to pack a sandbag in my carry-on for just such emergencies. Oh yes, and add the duct tape.
Yep--I noticed that as well.

[This comment was deleted.]

What? Do you mean that TSA will allow Duct tape (Duck tape) past security? Oh wait, the plane was inbound TSA world.
I don't blame the man. Iceland's depressing. And watching "City of Angels, even more so! Just, don't do that on a plane dude.
RayRev 0
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Unruly passenger taped to seat on Iceland Air flight

A passenger on a Iceland Air drank all of his duty free liquor on the flightfrom Iceland to JFK yesterday. The passenger was declined to charge his free liquor. The passenger was screaming and the other passengers taped him to his seat.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Man restrained after becoming unruly on Iceland to New York flight

Get too far out of line aboard an international flight and you could be restrained in your seat with zip ties and duct tape.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Drunk Passenger taped to his seat and Gagged onboard an Icelandic Air flight to JFK

This is what happens when you get drunk on an Icelandic Air flight.
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(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Raw: 'Unruly' airline passenger taped to seat

Icelandair said it had to restrain a passenger with duct tape on a flight from Reykjavik to New York City because he was hitting people, screaming profanities and spitting. (Jan. 8)


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