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T204 Moscow Overrun: Chilling Details Released by Russian MAK

Scroll down to highlighted section. Please no arm-chair pilots. Just try imagine being in this scenario. Terrifying. ( 기타...

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Wow......lot of unexpected problems at once. One always thinks that "I wouldnt have done that" but when YOUR there you always think you have it under control. The captain no doubt thought it would start slowing at any second.......unfortunately that "second" never happened. Prayers to everyone involved.
Thats why I am always ready to go around at the first remote sign of trouble. I had a corporate pilot tell me once to always plan on "going around" and the actual landing is the unexpected. After hearing his thought I have done 2 go-arounds. I wish my flight instructor had surprised me with a few unexpected makes you plan ahead a little better.
Seems like he was way too far in before he decided he had a problem, and if I read the report right he didn't have much over 3 grand to work with anyway. Compression or not, with those conditions, if he didn't have buckets and spoilers to work with, he didn't have a chance anyway. I would say ask the pilots of AA1420 but you can't.
My apologies, it was 3060 meters, not feet, but still yet, he was way in
I also agree and nicely put. Descending through 12 feet it took 10 seconds to touch down(count out 10 seconds, its longer than you think) and then a wind gust. I think that would have been my GA limit.

Shoot . . . I broke my own arm-chair pilot rule :)
ms06877 3
There is a reason Western built aircraft have a better safety record than those from some other regions of the world. How on earth can you have a thrust reverser system that allows thrust to increase without the actual reverser deploying?
spatr 2
I think the TU204 W.O.W. system logic needs to be revisited. Left main and n/w struts compress, right main doesnt... gets you no spoilers, 1/2 braking, and no TR's. Looks like the Russians issued an AD about the TR issue. Also, they issued a directive to not select max reverse until the TRs are verified open. Don't know why they werent doing that in the first place, but it usually takes an accident to change procedure.
Ouch. Talk about multiple issues all at once.
"Please no arm chair pilots"? What does that mean exactly with respect to these forums which are open to any member of FlightAware?
So why does this accident sound like the Airbus that overran the runway at Sao Paulo???
spatr 3
Other than the fact this plane departed the end of a runway, this sounds nothing like the Airbus overrun.
Ron271 3
I believe that airbus was attempting to land on a very very wet runway that had well known flooding problems. To add to those problems, only one reverser was working on that aircraft.


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