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Ahmadinejad unveils Iran’s new low-flyer fighter jet Qaher 313

In the anniversary of Iran's 1979 Revolution, Iranian president unveils indigenous Qaher 313 (Conquer) fighter jet, developed by Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics. It's a joke... ( 기타...

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Unreal! Looks like a plastic toy!!
What can this toy can do against the American F16, the French Rafale, or the Israeli Kfir ? For me.....nothing !
It is a plastic toy!
Humm, no HUD, no visible locking hardware for the canopy, bad finish of the fuselage skin !
Look like a nice wood concept-plane

And the air inlets will be totaly hidden by the flat fuselage leading edge at high angle of attack. The engine will stall right after rotate !


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