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Kayne and Kim get special treatment at JFK

An airline employee or two are in hot water after allowing these two talentless stars to bypass normal security checkpoints for a domestic flight. Also caused a 50 minute delay for the other passengers who did the right thing. ( More...

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ken young 9
This the height of arrogance. The people that let these two idiots pass by security should be FIRED immediately.
Jesus Rivera 31
You get two thumbs up for stating the "talentless" remark :D
SootBox 5
Going to have to remove a thumb because it should read "less than talentless" :D
Timothy Green 8
Kanye and Kim could have gone to a municipal airport and boarded a private jet. Everyone, let's blame them and zealous employee. When I travel from my hometown, I go through security like everyone else. My friends and neighbors are the TSA agents, and they STILL check me. We joke and have a good time doing it, but still, I remove my shoes, isolate my laptop, and go through the beltless humiliation of shakedown. Ive worked at an FBO for years now, no TSA. The passengers are at this level of celebrity and their agents are obviously more clever than this couple's employ. Turns out, you do get what you pay for, and if you're gonna skimp on air travel, you have to go through TSA security like everyone else.
Jerry Brooks 1
But, the two talentless individuals in question did not have to get screened. If you get what you pay the TSA on the "take"???
mariofer 15
Par for the course folks.
The following is a true exchange between one of my customers and a TSA officer at CLT last December after my customer's bag comes out of the X-ray machine:
TSA: Is this your bag sir?
Customer: Yes it is.
TSA: Are you carrying ammunition?
Customer: No I am not.
TSA: It shows you have bullets in your bag. We have to inspect the bag. Please step aside.
The TSA officer pulls out a Hohner Harmonica case from my customer’s bag and opens it.
TSA: What is this?
Customer: It is a Harmonica.
TSA: What’s a Harmonica?
Customer: It is a musical instrument.
TSA: How do I know that?
My customer takes the harmonica and proceeds to play a mean blues piece (My customer can play harmonica like no ones business)
Customer keeps playing.
TSA: Ok Sir, you can stop now.
Customer keeps playing for a total of 4 minutes. When he finishes, the TSA area erupts in applause.
The scary part is that the people responsible for keeping us safe can’t tell the difference between a harmonica and a .22 Cal clip. (That’s what it looked like on the X-Ray image according to TSA) Happy Friday!
smoki 2
Great stuff. That should have been captured on video whence it could have been put on YouTube. It would have gone viral and circled the globe several times by now.
phil gibson 1
Damn, now that's hilarious! Gotta love it. Wish I was there! I wonder if anyone video taped it?
Jack Howard 1
My wife took her Bible through screening and they gave her a pat down along with inspecting the book and her bag. They did the wipes on her hands to check for explosives. This is an elementary school teacher who taught for 30 years and was wearing typical clothing for a mid-50's woman. No slogans or symbols on her clothing, no tattoos, piercings, or ear rings. They said the book was too big. After 15 minutes she was allowed to proceed through.

I can't make this up, I don't have enough creativity.
pnschi 1
As aggravating as the TSA can be, I really don't see the problem with this one, perhaps other than a little excess of authoritarian bluster ("it shows you have bullets", rather than "I have to take a look at something coming up on the x-ray"). And the cultural illiteracy of someone who doesn't know what a harmonica is.

If a security screener sees something on the x-ray that could look like a clip, they should take a look.
Agents taking people around security should be treated like anyone else breaching security-arrested!
Lucio DiLoreto 6
I assume that the 50 minute delay was caused by our talentless TSA giving the talentless couple, not stars, personal treatment. So who has been penalized by the TSA and this talentless couple? The 100 or so passengers delayed 50 minutes have suffered. Some delayed passengers may have missed connections causing them to spend extra time and money at some airport because of TSA and their agents.
It's not the TSA that caused this delay!
Please, not ONLY the TSA agent...
What??? TSA did not cause the delay, if they had gone through security like the other passengers, then there would be no issue. The airline employee that gave them special treatment is the one that caused the delay!!!
I thought even airline employees had to go thru security????
John Navratil 0
This story reports:

"When TSA officials learned what happened, they took West and Kardashian off the plane and screened them privately in an area of the jetway, said Farbstein.

The couple was eventually cleared to board but the process delayed the flight by about 50 minutes."

This one adds:

"The TSA may have also violated standard protocol by not rescreening all passengers once the celebrity couple were hauled off the Los Angeles-bound plane, a veteran law-enforcement officer said."

I don't know who else besides the TSA caused this delay.
JetMech24 1
"The TSA may have also violated standard protocol by not rescreening all passengers once the celebrity couple were hauled off the Los Angeles-bound plane, a veteran law-enforcement officer said."

Apparently they didn't delay the flight enough.
Why do you people think that the TSA caused the delay??? They had to be screened. Do you bypass the TSA security check at the airport??? The delay was caused by them bypassing security!!!
Bat_Hawk James 1
You wear the uniform you represent the company !!!!
Marcus Pradel 6
Great post!

Want special Treatment? Pay up and fly private!
Ray Irizarry 5
Fire the starstruck idiot airline employees and require the airline to compensate the delayed passengers for their inconvenience. As punishment for breaching security, the fools should be required to watch 48 hours of nonstop Kardashian tasteless TV while Kayne West's music? blares in the background.
Michael Cislo 5
absolutely RIDICOULOUS!!
Donald Rand 5
someone should be looking for a job!
Are u referring to Kayne and his gf? :)
TRPD304 5
Misread article, an airline employee is in hot water, not TSA. As if they need any more bad press. Sorry.
canuck44 7
Absolution granted...given that you got the "talentless" part correct. Their kid will be enduring proof there is no lifeguard on the gene pool. It may make medical history though by the first fetus to have morning sickness.

Notice the airline was not named.
Tom Rodeheaver 1
I thought it was American. No?
Ric Wernicke 2
What are you talking about "talentless?"

Can you grow a butt that size? Hmmm?

Now if you said annoying.....
FIRE these employees, tell the union to shut the hell up, FIRE them. Does anyone get FIRED for not doing their job these days? FIRE them, what will it take? Just do it.
Probably publicity for a new "reality" show!!!
William Jensen 1
You have to wonder, don't you?
Without going into who or what the heck this Kayne is, primarily we need to either treat everyone the same in regards to security, or not let them board the plane. No matter who they are, they should not have the right to disrupt operations and bypass anything.

The sooner we apply the rules and laws to everyone, the better off as a country we will be. But as long as we worship people (again, I have no idea what a Kayne is or why she is a celeb), this kind of subversion of the system will bring failure.
Bat_Hawk James 2
Yep I totally agree, one rule for screening person and baggage should apply for all. If employees break the rules and allow passengers to cut corners, then your job is no longer and should be replaced by a employee who will follow the policies set in place by the airport and TSA
tpmorrow 5
Yes, Latimer, talentless is the right word, notwithstanding Billboard. As if Billboard were the final arbiter on talent.
Latimer Taylor -6
tpmorrow 4
Never said she was. But have it your way: Kayne is talented. And you're clearly sophisticated and cultured.
Latimer Taylor -9
tpmorrow 13
OK Latimer. First, upper caps are not necessary to convey your message. Hasn't anyone ever taught you web etiquette?
Second, you’re free to believe anything you want, including that "artists" like Kayne are talented - nay, he’s a veritable paragon of musical genius. I bet you're just like him.
Third, I don't think I'm sheltered and/or small-minded. I find it significant that Kayne appeals to virtually no one over here (Europe), with the possible exception of a limited selection of people in the UK. And while that alone doesn't mean much (certainly not to you of course), it's important to point out that what he represents over here is a certain cross-section of the US that thinks gangsters and all that nonsense are fun. And it is nonsense. Truly. Kayne is marketed - paraded in fact - by the music industry to people, like you obviously, who are susceptible to the appeal of bling and that entire range of self-aggrandizing, chest-thumping, flash-in-the-pan, chip-on-the-shoulder "music".
That's all I meant when I replied "have it your way". I don't really care what people listen to (though I admit it's hard to reign in the comments when I read the word “talent” and Kayne and Kardashian in the same paragraph). But it’s not just Kayne – the list is long of people to whom talent is ascribed when they clearly have not much at all. What they often do have, sadly, is a ton of money from people, like you, suckered into a music industry that aims successfully at the lowest common denominator.
I won’t comment again. In fact I regret polluting this aviation forum with our exchange.
Finally, peace Latimer.
phil gibson 2
daltex 1
Thanks TP. Couldn't have said it better myself. It just amazes me, that no talents like these two, rake in millions of dollars. For what? Noise and visual pollution?
William Jensen 2
Awesome answer! Thanks from a Yank with a sense of decorum.
Taylor Swift wasn't in the article...
Ed Berling 5
Was the domestic they were boarding legitimately 50 minutes delayed or were they waiting for this talentless (perfect!) couple?
wingbolt 2
If you like knob jobs she has a bunch of talent!
William Bannan 2
I hope it was worth his/her job!!
Bat_Hawk James 1
Does not seem to mention they lost their job. They will probably get a slap on the wrist and be re assigned
Kenneth Acorn 2
It is absolutely stupefying to see what passes for 'stars' or 'celebrities' these days. It seems that talent, ability, taste and class have nothing to do with achieving this status. It is also outrageous that these two were taken outside of normal security channels. What in God's name were the airline employees thinking?
Allan Bowman 2
TSA stands for Totally Stupid A Holes. Talk about a jobs program, these people could never get hired anywhere else and make warehouse security guards look like Mensa geniuses. For proof, observe that fact that they even knew who these "celeb" bozo's were.
btweston 2
We have officially removed any semblance of a thought process from our concept of airport security.
The scandal should be that a flight was delayed for them.
David Stark 2
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a "celebrity couple"? I bet Lisa Lampanelli is jealous.
I echo the calls for the termination of those involved. Security, at the airport is an illusion on its best day, it does not need to be further undermined by reality TV.
Robert Aubel 2
I was traveling from Paris to Miami and West was on flight, he was escorted by airport personnel and boarded before anyone else. (No one recognized him). He sat in First Class, not business class and while we were on approach before touching down, a flight attendant got his bag from the overhead and led him to the door !! He was out first, and then at customs, he was escorted by 5 local police officers to the diplomat line!!! Asked the customs officer what mission Kayne was from ...outrageous.
i don't understand why they are flying commercial.
John Riel 2
Who ever was involved should be let go, and Kayane and kim should compensate all the passengers that where delayed the 50min.
phil gibson 2
Why is the Airline delaying the flight for them anyway? Operations must have really enjoyed that one. The flight should have left on time in the first place!
William Jensen 1
If it was a "regular" person, they would have slammed the door at the time it was scheduled to be closed & that would have been that. I've seen grown women crying like babies to get on board & they say, "Sorry". That should happen every time every person.
Cal Keegan 4
While I have much respect for Kanye... two classes of citizens exist, at least, in our ever so egalitarian society.

Line up, serfs, and wait in long lines, then get blasted by radiation from unstudied machines whose very existence violates a longstanding principle of avoiding irradiating people without a medical purpose.
Josh Preston 2
Just adding to the reasons why more and more people and companies are contemplating charter companies and GA. Almost worth the expense of a private chartered aircraft to avoid the TSA and commercial BS.
On a related note, I often wonder what it is like to be famous for being famous...
Jennifer Cluse 1
Oh dear. The humourless don't get those who do -- make it.

Never mind. We probably wouldn't let you into Oz anyway, so no problemo.
Terence Kelly 1
I think you mean special needs...
Armchaircouch 1
They should be fired unless K & K were searched already. It's entirely possible, media being the...1-side of the story machine it is, that details were left out. Ie were they prescreened privately? I didnt' bother clikcing the APP link....
And Kanye has talent behind the scenes, I believe he produces which is no easy feat.
learman69 1
Total Horse Shit i tell you.
Derrick White 1
WTF is Billboard? Probably read Blender too. And he didn't even get the FishSticks joke. Boy is he stupid. Bottom line: Person who let the security breach happen should be fired. There should be a moderator to shut up the morons (myself included) who've perpetuated this discussion about how crappy Conyay West is and what a stupid spooge bucket his girl is.
I'm used to usually intelligent discussions about aviation, not a bunch of kids who can't land a Cessna on a flight simulator.
Because it's friday and I was at a loose end.... I would hazard a guess that the flight in question was AAL33

Gossip photos show the dynamic duo at LAX passing a crew member with AA on his hat.
shawn white 1
Well then again, how much do you think terrorists would have to pay them to get explosives onto their own plane?
Jane Anderson 1
If this is the reason they delayed their flight for 50 minutes I would be extremely annoyed... let them get rebooked... lots of celebs have also been found with handguns in their carryons also - not good to let them pass...
alan75035 1
They don't call it "security theatre" for nothing.
Traci Lockwood 1
Jackoffs! Quit freaking treating Kardahians like royalty! Still living like spoiled children and flashing it off to the rest of the world is nauseating. I think it's time they say good night and good bye! Morons glued to the TV to see who gets into a family quarrel next!
Tim Howard 1
Words cant express my feelings right now for that airline employee. Do not know who is dumber, it employee or the two idiots for asking for special treatment. So, I will just shut up. I hope the employee got fined, big!
Rob Harrison 1
Preferential treatment for "stars" is the government norm. I was once flying an airshow staged out of CMA. My little plane has VERY limited fuel capacity. On takeoff I informed the tower of this, they assured me that I would be cleared to land first priority on my return. However, Oprah's Gulfstrem arrived at the airport the same time I did. I was told to hold for up to 15 minutes. I reminded the tower of my fuel situation. They came back "hold, we will get you in when we can". When I landed, the fuel level gauge float was banging on the bottom of the tank. I guess an airshow pilot's life is less important than a star's convenience. I could have declared an emergency, I suppose, but it ended OK. I admit I have never thought much of Oprah in any event.
vincecullen 1
I remember Michael Jacksons brother and family being treated the same way at Heathrow a number of years back, the rest of us in a ery long queue and they were whisked through smiling back at the rest of us...
Gary Bennett 1
I will never understand why people go gaga over a "celebrity". As far as I am concerned, their fans pay their wages and they work for YOU! They should be kissing our asses!
James Driskell 1
Should have strip searched both of them!
Bat_Hawk James 1
Celebs are not how shall we say exempt in bypassing getting screened for drugs or weapons and should never be just for who they are. Considering TSA catches approx. 30 weapons a week not to mention all the other restrictions of liquids ect.
Bat_Hawk James 1
Was it JFK that had the major security breech last year or was it another major U.S airport with a million dollar security system?

[This poster has been suspended.]

These two terrorize the airwaves not the airlines, unless you get stuck sitting next to them.
Phil, you've been smoking that stuff again???
Eric Schmaltz 1
2 more thumbs up for the "talentless" remark!
Thomas Beattie 1
This would be funny, if it weren't so serious.

Agree with the "less than talentless" comment.
John Desmond 1
I noticed that the flight they were going to board was held fir 50 minutes. Oh, yeah, that happens for me all the time. Special treatment there as well I would say.
rjslammer2000 1
who is kayne and that the olson sisters????
Kanye is not talentless...that is a fact.
A beatbox that samples beats from real artists from the 70's,80's and 90's is talent??? The only talent that he and the likes of him have is making money out of people that buy their merchandise. Same goes for the Kardashians...
Scott Campbell -1
Oh for the love of god, we have web etiquette police here now !!!
Geez do we not have something greater to worry about, what's next spell checkers?
DON'T USE CAPS YOUR YELLING lmao , I wish we all would use caps
Then I could see EVERYHING easily ....
JetMech24 1
Hope you can still read your guages then
Scott Campbell -1
What boring lowly lives you must lead to worry about caps, GEEZ GET ANOTHER HOBBY..
Frank Barbera 0
Get thos two airline employees who are "brainless like celebs" and throw their asses the hell out of the U.S.A.

American Patriot
Douglas Soo 0
The TSA agents that were involved should be terminated because of their lack of judgement in protecrting the rest of the public. By being celebrities does not mean that you shoould get special treatment when it comes to high risk situations such as protecting the public of any physcial harm and those agents involved should have known better, and the proof is right there in the way conducted themselves in violating protocols and policies. Just think anybody could be brought if the price is right.
james rangno 0
MEDIA stars is the appropriate label. Media creates them, they have no talent, no intellect, no appeal, no skills and certainly, in my view, are not attractive. To my knowledge they contribute nothing and have only engaged in selfish acts. THEY should have been sent to the back of the line.
James in Asheville NC
b4jones2 -3
Kanye West is a terrible rapper, but a has an ear of genius when it comes to mixing and remastering music. Sounds like a lot of jealousy here... If it takes no talent lets see any of you "haters" make millions doing what he has. If there is one thing that shows the true closed minded-ness of flightaware users, it's a successful minority- but you'd be the first one to say "get a job" if he was unemployed. What the employee did was wrong, but what does that have to do with your feelings about West's craft? I bet if it were Taylor Swift, everyone would be defending the employee. Disgusting.
He and Ms K got equal treatment from the Flightaware posters.
Timothy Green 1
Cal Keegan 3
I don't think it's fair to pigeonhole "flightaware users" as being "closed minded", and I detect an accusation of racism in your remarks as well. The FlightAware demographic skews a little older and a lot of older people don't like rap, but multiple posters defended Kanye as an artist... Mike Dadlani, Latimer Taylor, me, and even you, sort of.
I don't speak for the rest of them, I'm an equal opportunity basher, Kanye's and Taylor Swifts music both sucks!!!

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Once again, Latimer - all caps is just rude. It's harder to read, and is considered very poor manners by Web users in general - but obviously, you are one of those wonderful people who don't care how much you might annoy or irritate others. All right, fine. That's your choice. Be as irritating and annoying as you please: just don't start whining about how nobody likes and/or "respects" you.

Now, if you will - look on the left side of your keyboard. There is a key there marked "Caps Lock." If you depress that key once, then you will find you are no longer typing all capital letters. Amazing, isn't it? Also, if you do decide you want to capitalize a letter for, say, a proper noun or the beginning of a sentence, you can depress one of the two keys marked "Shift" when you press the letter key, and it will be shown as capitalized! Technology is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Note that I have not once mentioned your taste in music or any other form of show business. By the same token, I do not comment on any physical deformities or mental handicaps someone might have.
Martin Dennett 9
Check out total musical sales overall compared to others with real talent over the years. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, etc. The Beatles' music is still being played over 50 years after first being released. "Yesterday" has been covered by over 1000 different acts. The Stones' music still gets played. Bohemian Rhapsody, 37 years old, still frequently tops "favourite song" polls. Mail me back in 10 years time, not 50, and tell me how good Kanye West is then. He'll probably be asking "Do you want that large?"
S Y 3
Glad someone finally spelled his name correctly.
bentwing60 1
Gotta agree with Martin, and I have about as much respect for how someone spells Corney East's name as I do for his music. And if rap means you gotta date a butt like that, I'll stick with a rhapsody. If you could buy em for what they are worth, and sell em for what they think they are worth, you'd be on a GV, not As for the topic, I usually sit in the front, AKA rock star jet pilot (sarcasm) otherwise I stand in line and bare all like the rest of the mere mortals. So tell me why these two should be any different? It ain't the talent!
Cal Keegan 2
The Beatles' music was hardly recognized as timeless at the beginning; many reviews were extremely negative.

For instance, Newsweek in 1964: "Musically they are a near disaster: guitars and drums slamming out a merciless beat that does away with secondary rhythms, harmony and melody. Their lryics ... are a catastrophe... preposterous..."

Many social critics also blamed them for practically every ill they perceived in then-contemporary society. Hmm... sound familiar?

You don't hear the Beatles much on the radio anymore. As Dave Barry said, Classic Rock should be called Music for Old People. Fact is, the people who are buying music today, mostly young people, are not listening to the Beatles, thinking about them, or talking about them.

Popular music is made for people to listen to in the time when it is made, and if people like it and there's an audience for it, then good for them. It's called freedom, and self-expression. If it's popular for more than a few years, that's uncommon and maybe that means it's extra-special, but that's not the point or the purpose.

Who listens to Mozart? I know I'm supposed to think it's great, but honestly it doesn't do a thing for me and it never has.
Armchaircouch 1
Word. Exactly.
I do love Mozart for what it is, and I usually turn off Kanye, but I'll raise the dial when I hear some Doors. I'm thankful for the evolutions of music. I'm 32.
Martin Dennett 1
Might not have been recognised as timeless at the beginning, but the producer who rejected them in the first instance must have kicked himself several times in the following years.

Music becomes timeless, er, over time. Whoever wrote that article in Newsweek in 1964 no doubt ate their words several times too. McCartney still sells out venues all over the world 50 years later. Check out his website tour archives. Despite living a mere 15 miles from Liverpool, I have yet to see him perform (unless you count me being in the audience at Live Aid at Wembley in 1985), but I'd pay good money to do so.

Beatles music is played daily in the UK. OK, there may be a very local bias from my viewpoint, given my distance from Liverpool, but nationwide stations play the music too.

My 17yo son is in a band (age ranges 17-21). One of the band has cited The Beatles as one of his influences. They've played "Hey Jude" in the past. I regularly go to his gigs where there are other acts of similar ages. Only last week, one of the support acts played "Twist & Shout". OK, it's not a Lennon/McCartney composition, but everybody associates the song with The Beatles (or Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but that's The Beatles playing the song).

Forget your "manufactured" bands (I'm thinking of "X-Factor" & "<country>'s Got Talent" shows). Think of bands like my son's. Bands that write their own stuff and play their own instruments. What's the typical line up? Drummer, bassist, lead guitar, rhythm guitar. Who started that trend? Bands may not realise it, but they're all heavily influenced by The Beatles.
James Driskell 0
Obviously, you don't appreciate real music. Much of the junk currently classified as music is just a bunch of noise. Too bad we can't come back in 200 years and see if today's noise is still with us. I'll bet Mozart is!


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