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Bill Harrelson/N6ZQ Are Circling the Globe -- Right Now!

Former Airline Jock and now-current world record pilot, Bill Harrelson, is on the way to Recife, Brazil -- on the first leg of a flight around the world... via the North and South pole. ( 기타...

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zennermd 2
I would love to track him as he goes over the pole, but I am guessing any flight tracking system other than the military will have trouble doing so.
What a fantastic story! Keep on truckin', Bill!
Now if he did it without stopping....that would be impressive.
Not to say this isn't already impressive.
Ben, he flew non-stop from Guam to Jacksonville 2 weeks ago in just over 39 hours..

There are a few mind bending flights still on his bucket list!
dg1941 1
Boa sorte! I haven't heard of many attempts of this fashion, in a single engine for that matter. He's gonna have a real crosswind issue flying like that though, at least dependent on his altitude.
He has Now Left Recife and is Flying along the Brazil coast for a landing in Punta Arenas, Chile later tonigh.. or tomorrow morning!
I hope he's writing a book when this is all over.
According to Spidertracks, he has landed in Brazil after flying 22 hours for his first leg:

For some reason, there is a several hour time delay in Flightaware that shows him still flying


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