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Copter goes down -- without the pilot aboard

A pilot escaped with a broken arm after a small helicopter crashed in shallow water near Indian Key on Saturday. The helicopter, a 2002 Robinson R22 aircraft, "apparently took off without its pilot and landed in the ocean," said Kathleen Bergen, spokeswoman for the Southern Region of the Federal Aviation Administration. "It certainly seems to be a rare occurrence." ( 기타...

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crk112 0
Why would any pilot in their right mind get out of a running aircraft or helicopter and leave the controls completely unattended??
Excellent display of "Airmanship" eh?
Some mothers do have 'em
Debriefer 0
Just further proof that you CANNOT trust any "flying machine" that levitates by flinging its wing in circles above its fuselage!

and remember, as a dear departed NYC educator friend was fond of saying, "If G-d had meant for man to fly she would have given him ... tickets"
He was going to check the tail rotor with the blades turning????? He needs a better excuse than that - like hitting the controls as he stepped out. Either way, it was an unattended RUNNING aircraft. Say "Good Bye".


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