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Airline, Airport Employees Caught Abusing Security Badges

An exclusive NBC 5 investigation uncovered police reports showing workers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport abusing their security badges, even using them to help family and friends skip the checkpoints to board flights. ( 기타...

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The reality is that it doesn't really matter, there's clearly tons of people skipping security and there's no impact. It's hardly a real security concern if someone has access while on duty but skips security while off duty. And it's not like the checkpoints are effective anyway.

The real "problem" is that it demonstrates how ineffective and pointless the TSA is anyway.
Thank you! TSA's retarded rules drive me nuts. I mean, I used to go from the parking lot, into ops, straight out to the ramp and onto a plane to start work, no search needed. But, if I had a wheel chair passenger to help through the security point, I have to strip off everything to help them through the check point if I'm not lucky enough to have another employee on the other side to "Hand them off" to... And I'm not even going anywhere!

And yeah, we get employee lines for when were flying out, but we still get checked. And the employee lines are really there to get flight crews through to their birds on time, we just get lucky enough to be allowed to use them also lol. Or thus has been my experience so far.
Rules are rules. It was very clearly explained to me when I got my SIDA badge that it was only to be used by me while on duty, and that I was not to use it in any way to help anybody circumvent security. I signed a document that said I understood that and that I accepted any consequences for failing to follow established security procedures. If I mess up, I am fired. That simple. And when I am traveling my badge does not mean I get to the front of any line, skip any procedure, or anything. I am simply a passenger that does not have SIDA access. Yes, while on duty I have to clear TSA. And so what? That is just part of the job. Yea, I can cut to the front of a line but I try to use cheakpoints with an employee lane whenever possible to prevent doing that. These employees knew better. They knew the rules, but decided that they did not apply to them. Well they do.
mike SUT 10
In the article you can see how the "privileged" are treated differently. This article and the issue is, people bypassing security for personal gain. Security is there for a reason, and everyone is subject to it. The CAL worker who bypasses security, gets fired. He knew the consequences, he's out of a job. The Chief Operating Officer for American Eagle breaks the exact same law, bypassing security, and loses his badge and has to go through retraining to get it back. Why? Because he is privileged. Same crime, different penalty. What happened to the TSA violator, the FAA manager? Slap on the hand. Bag smasher....fired. As long as there are "exceptions" and TRUE lack of enforcement..the system is a self sustaining joke.
Why are we still using 16th Century badges? Use biometrics. No doors for workers, let them enter through a man trap.

"We don't need to show you no stinking badges!"

-Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Airport security is a joke. Period.
If large employers can screen their employees in and out, so can airports.
As we have seen over the years, the current system is wide open to abuse and fraud.
Crooks investigating crooks!!! What a concept!!!

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I was just there and no one is amused.How does the saying go "Just takes one bad apple." OK, so there are some and this is what Big Brother uses as an excuse to monitor more and more.
The silly thing is that employees don't even have to wait in lines at the checkpoints. There are employee lines for employees without SIDA badges that are usually very short.
SIDA is a responsibility and a privilege.
It's a government ran operation staffed by people who have never had any form of power in their life and now have a chance to show off their so called power and authority. Half of them should be prosecuted and sent to jail for the unneccessary things they do while at work. Do something about it and quit whinning.
Makes me feel safer. What a joke. But no handcream or cup cakes were harmed.
If your a top Airline Executive and you pull this crap, what else is this idiot guilty of?
This should start an all out WAR against EVERYONE who lie,cheat and steal.
And a new law should be created with real mandatory jail time. What national tragedy are waiting for? Were just dying to repeat history...
If you have Escort privileges, what is the problem... If no escort, then you broke the rules.
Back in 2000 I snuck my ex-wife to my ops office at DFW and had a good time :) Does that count?
uh... proof read , yea



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