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Caught on video as jet crashes and explodes in huge fireball at Madrid airshow (Photos)

At an airshow at the Cuatro Vientos airfield in Madrid, Spain on Sunday at least 3,000 people watched in horror when according to the New York Daily News, a vintage plane was seen plunging to the ground and then exploding into a huge fireball as it crashed into a hangar. The pilot Ladislao Tejedor Romero, 35, was taken to a hospital in Madrid after sustaining serious burns where he later died. He was an experienced jet pilot who was an assistant to Defense Minister Pedro Morenes. Eighteen… ( 기타...

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He died in the hospital, not in the crash???
I know, I thought that was pretty unbelievable that he even survived for a little.
Extended CPR technique is sometimes administered in hopeless cases so that death may be legally pronounced later in a different locale, rather than that where it actually occurred.
May his soul be in Heaven now.
Looks like he got his "nose buried" at low speed and didn't have sufficient altitude to pull out. Very sad. May he rest in peace.
Seems like there are many more crashes at airshows when compared to regularly scheduled fights/missions.
Bob Ziehm -4
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Stunt plane crash kills pilot

A stunt plane crashes at an air show in Madrid, Spain, killing the pilot.
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Video: Plane Crashes At Madrid Air Show In Spain

An historic jet plane has crashed into a hangar and exploded in a fireball at an airshow near Madrid, killing the plane's pilot.
A spokesman for Spain's Defence Ministry says the experienced jet pilot, Ladislao Tejedor Romero, 35, died of his injuries in the serious burns unit of Getafe hospital.


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