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Avro Lancaster Bomber

This May marks the 70th anniversary of one of the most famous raids of World War II. The Dambuster Raid of 1943 was a pivotal move for the allies and an event that will not be forgotten. On May 17th 133 hand-picked troops, which included 30 Canadians, dropped bouncing bombs on German hydro dams, targeting the industrial sector. The Dambuster was a big move that would turn the tide of the war but it came with a big price. 8 of the 19 Lancaster planes did not return from the mission and 53… ( 기타...

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There are only two flying Lancasters in existence-one is at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, ON (CYHM) and it often flies directly over my house! An unmistakeable sound and appearance. The other is with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in England.
I wish the reporters would get it right. I am a retired AIRMAN and I hate being referred to as a soldier. If you can't get it right, don't do it at all.
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Jerry.. I am sure 'most of these Reporters' were not even 'Born' during that 'what would they know anyways' ! Soldier, Airman, Seaman, etc. Your 'All "Hero's Sir" !
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You Tube has a few videos of them 'firing up the engines'..still in the Restoration Phase'..though I doubt it will ever fly again !
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Longer Version with Both Running !
I had the honour to be trained on Lancaster's in 1953 when I first joined the RAF. There were very few still in service by that time and the unit I was with had a number for training purposes.
Incidentally, the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association is currently restoring a second Mk 10P FM212 to flying condition at Windsor Airport in Ontario.
Also, I get royally peeved when ignorant reporters don't do any home work when writing about military aviation. We were and are AIRMEN not bloody troops.


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