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Take off in heavy rain - Citation V business jet!

The Citation V does not have windscreen wipers - not a good idea... ( 기타...

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I must have missed the heavy rain and challenging approach, good job Maverick
To me, windshield heat or not, wipers would have been nice. I never did like looking thru crap. I'm kinda like you though; I wouldn't call that heavy rain and really didn't see that much challenging on the approach. Oh Well, up and down OK so all is cool.
HA HA!!!
N519AT 4
Heavy rain, huh?
Nice job looking down flipping switches as the end of the runway is coming up with the caption saying short runway. People really think they're saving the lives of igniters, pitots,lights,etc. by shutting stuff off 20 secs. early. Bad for beginner pilots watching these videos...
Windshield heat in a citation works pretty good for blowing raindrops off of the windshield, it doesn't need wipers. No need to taxi around with reduced visibility unless you are just trying to look cool on a youtube video.
Pileits 3
Another video that really does not need to be on Flightaware.
Interesting. I wouldn't drive my vehicle without wipers, as it's the slow speed periods that are problematical. Noted that the windscreen cleared once a high rate of knots was achieved.
2nd,3rd & 4th the comments so far. I'm just guessing that Guido doesn't spend a lot of time flying in Fl. or the tropics, if that is his version of heavy rain. Just couldn't stick around for the tight approach though, so I guess he made it. Spot on cheef, the blown windshield on Cessna jets works great for blowing the rain out of view. Probably 90% of the aircraft manufactured today don't have wipers Preach, your Boeing is showing. LOL
So is my CRJ.LOL
and the King Air
I surrender. Windshield wipers are king. Still stand by my original statement.
The other thing to go along with that; if that's the best that heat or blowers will do, then I'll stay with my wipers. I never lost sight of any of the markings, but that's more crap than I want to see on my windscreen.


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