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TSA claims body scanner privacy, but bids for photo storing ability

WASHINGTON — The Transportation Security Administration has promised not to store or transmit nude images of airline passengers made by whole-body scanners, but when it asked manufacturers to submit bids for such machines, it required that the scanners have exactly those capabilities, according to agency documents obtained in a lawsuit. . . . The government required that the machines have a testing mode that would allow the “exporting of image data” and provide “a secure means for high-speed… ( 기타...

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The TSA has consistently violated the law and their own rules, both as a matter of policy and by with employees running amuck. Everyone knew that they were lying about these body scanners and that they'd break their promise (either intentionally or accidentally) although I'm glad to see it is getting some mainstream media exposure. Squawk this one up!
I'd rather expend my outrage on the use of the scanners themselves. The possibility that they could store and transmit the images they produce wouldn't be a problem if the revolt would come in time to prevent their use in the first place.
There was an article on here a week or two ago about how the new scanners don't detect many types of explosives, such as the kind used on the Northwest flight in December.
all other faults of this idea aside, at $100K per device it'll be forever before all airports have and use. So all the bad guys have to do is board at Podunk airport and thus enter the worldwide system thusly... That's what the 9/11 perps did....
i like peter's comment even though he is being mean and agressive it is true so just see the truth in the eyes of the one that you love and come get the fighter from above the f-16's are commin and i hear the buzzzzzz. yea


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