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No Starter? No Problem!

This is a pretty ingenious way to start a piston aircraft engine. ( 기타...

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That procedure is actually in the lycoming geared engine maintenance manual. It tells how to wrap it and how many turns it needs.
One guy refers to the manual and posts useful information and everyone else falls all over each other to post their "expert" opinions and dire predictions. Just another typical day in "Squawks".
Just another lighthearted day at the office, I see.
Guilty as charged.
I can't imagine a single way this could go wrong!
Boy, I
Don't you mean you can't tell where to start?
I can visualize someone wrapping it in the wrong direction.... :))
ChrisMD123 -1

I think that Daniel knows how it could go wrong.
I think both of ours were tongue in cheek. 8-)
Meant to add. Fairly common in wwII, when supply lines were long. Rope went around prop dome. . . .
I use the same technology to start my weed trimmer. Its been improved a bit. There is a handle on the end of the rope so one does not need a pickup truck to pull it.
See Bradley's post below about this procedure being in the manual
WOW... Would have never had believed that.
The Navy fighters I flew early in WW II (the big one) started with a shotgun shell. Great idea when you don't have anything else to get the job done.
LOL, Those were a long time ago. Don't forget about the old Cyntriffical starters that you had to wind up a fly wheel with a Hand Crank before engaging...
I've started Navy N3N with this procedure without a truck just about 6 men on the rope worked great. The owner was a marine fighter pilot in the pacific he told me that the would use a winch mounted on the hangar the same way.
well I guess that is a bit safer than running the chance of falling forward into the prop while doing it by hand....I've only been involved in one of those situations...I flew a 172 during much of my unfinished flight training but on the weekends I had access to other planes just for the experience of flying other stuff (aerostar, katana,cub,mooney 152, 182, cessna 320 etc.)We were going to fly a taylorcraft one time and it it needed to be hand cranked...My instructor told me to hold the brakes but I swear I was more nervous than he was.
I can remember as a kid, sitting in the right seat of a 150 and being told to not touch anything, while he hand propped it. I don't know if he had them locked or not but it didn't go
bout wrecked my nerves...being in a tail-dragger for the first time and with some funky looking rudder pedals to boot.....speaking of tail-draggers and the 150 series; I had the opportunity to ride in a super- 152 with a tail-dragger conversion....That thing climbed out about 1100 ft per min. if my memory serves me right.
Yes.... You should fly one with the 150 hp engine and Horton STOL installed! Smack it on the butt and it goes!
sombeach 3
we did this on a beech 18, 985 radial engine using a cargo strap, the engine fired right up but the prop got ahold of the strap and flung it around hitting the fuselage several times before we could shutdown the engine. It wasn't pretty
Old codger out of KFNT used to do this..freight
Really the only thing I see wrong is the potential to yank the aircraft around it's gear if pulled too fast.
Somehow I have a feeling that was not the first time he did that. It sure looks like a way to get into a batch of trouble if things don't go smoothly.
dg1941 2
So obviously no takers to hand start the Lockheed Vega like Wiley Post's crew?
The real deal is it can work. BUT,will you put the strap around your half million dollar airplane? Go for it if you feel lucky punk!
No big deal, I did't dozens off times in my job like bush pilot in the jungles of Venezuela,off course must be careful to follow, let's say, a check list,if not many things will go wrong
Ken Lane 2
The interesting question is... Using the same method, could he spin it fast enough to start a turboprop?

Turbo props (jet engines) start by building a fire, not compression. Got to have a battery to provide fire, no magnetos there.
Isn't the gear box also fluid filled instead of direct drive?...I had a pilot of a king air once tell me that you could actually hold on to the prop whenever the engine is started and is running however once it moves enough to build enough pressure you'd better make sure that you are out of the way.....Is that true?
No it is not fluid drive... It runs off of a Free Turbine... You can hold the prop with no problems. Let that prop even start to move and you had better be out of the way.
I knew it was something like that
Ken Lane 2
Ahhh... I forgot about that part of it.

That then gives thought to... enough juice to ignite but not spin a starter?

My brain is flying all over the place. After today's non-sense trying to get work done without interference, I'll only be happy if I can find a telemarketer to jack slap.
Try Jack Daniels. Lol
Use a barbecue lighter? Exactly which opening is the pilot light in?
Or would you just light some matches and toss them in the main intake THEN try the tow rope thing?
Seriously, If that's a recommended procedure with the rope, It would probably save a few personal injuries by hand starting.
What ever happened to the removable hand crank system?
No Magnetos, but there is a lot of spark being created in that wind tunnel.
I want to see it start with a strap and a pick up. You doing a Pratt or a Garrett?
Going to need a lot more rope.... And alot more speed.
Probably one that will stretch from Memphis to Wayne's house. Lol
That'd be a long rope. Might not be room enough to wind that.LOL
Just a small piece of I 40. Lol
Yall better gimme a call before all this goes down, I want to be watching!
LOL... Me too... Will have my video camera ready... May sell that one to a news service.
Stop drinking beer for a few months and use the money saved to buy a new starter motor.
I was waiting for the truck to be yanked up off the tarmac. Would have been a great video for "Worlds Dumbest Drivers"
Dont forget to post the video when it goes wrong as that would be more interesting to see.
Hey Y'all: I've propped off a Twin Beech many times. R-985's. Didn't need a truck either.
Can you count to 10 on your fingers :) LOL
Listen, Young Feller: My generation grew up without starters. I had a private license before I ever flew a tricycle gear a/c. I'm an ex-Airline Transport Pilot, Captain in a DC-3. (Ever heard of one of those, Son?)
Question: Are you as old as the DC3 you flew? (Disclaimer- the last one rolled off the line2 years before I arrived. Wish I were in as good condition as the ones still flying- I guess that's what proper maintenance and good bones do.
I am not that old... I will admit. I also know a few people who do not have all 10 because of it... It only takes one Ah SH?? to take care of a few of those highly valued pointers that we call fingers.
dg1941 1
If it works, it ain't stupid, and this quite obviously works, so don't laugh. Anyways, I expect almost every pilot to have done something as dangerous or worse.
You are correct.. But wow, no what I expect... I remember being on the inside of a Bonanza helping him to PROP the plane late at night in the dark. No phone and no one else around... Was not the most Brilliant moment we ever had... LOL
One pickup, one rope, one plane: too few parts for a Rube Goldberg solution.
Tricky business. Once did that with a C-47. Don't turn on the ign. Until the rope clears.......
I want to see the next video. Bent prop shaft, Bumper laying on the ground, Prop Bent all up on the pavement, Left main collapsed. "Hey guys watch this".
Toby Sharp -1
Hopefully nobody gets killed
O my goodness!
jfflyboy 0
Is it actually in the manual or just advice from his cousin Manuel?
Terry Isom -1
I would get another A&P; or another ground crew!!! It would be like fouling a cathead with 300hp! LOL
Toby Sharp -2
Well according to Murphy's Law......they should be posting another video here shortly. Fools
preacher1 -2
I could just picture something hanging up and the engine starting late, pulling the plane half around and coming right up on top of that truck.
Art Turner -2
Like I always say "you can't fix stupid"
Ingenious? Not word I would use. Lol
sparkie624 -7
That is just stupid.... Accident waiting to happen. I am sure there is no FAA or Manufactures Procedure of this.


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