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LAX, NYPD Officers Accused Of Illegally Exporting ‘High-Power’ Weapons

LOS ANGELES ( — A Customs and Border Protection officer at Los Angeles International Airport has been arrested on suspicion of illegally exporting weapons from the United States to the Philippines. ( 기타...

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Did a Google search on the Maralit family name--Commissioner of the Philippines Tariff Commission is also named Maralit--coincidence--maybe but...
mfbutzin 1
The Philippines has been a corrupt place since I was there in the seventies, EVERBODY has their hand out for payoff.......
Why is this on FlightAware other than its ties with LAX?
suz 1
I'm glad it is as not of word of this on the national news ...
What all these stories in the popular press gloss over is who is buying these weapons. It is not taxi drivers or out of work boxers, no, it is The Islamic insurgency in the Philippines who has demonstrated the desire to impose their will on the country by force.


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