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Video of First A350 XWB Flight

The A350 first flew Summer 2013. Here is a video of its first flight. ( 기타...

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Looks like an a380 with the top storey chopped off. Much better.
First flight, first landing.
TWA55 1
Good looking acrft
Very nice plane. But I wonder, what is the thing hanging from the rear with a long string. I thought maybe it's the price tag they forgot to remove...
When they made the first flight of Bombardier C Series, they had the same thing.
That teather line is basically a "Black Box" with very basic data collected. When first implemented, a redundant system that would not be distorted with any electrical interference. Not very revelant anymore with satellite uplink capability. Would have to check the FARS but believed to be just one more out-dated regulation.
It's a sensor of some sort for collecting data during a flight. I was told once but forgot exactly what it does. The 787 had one, too and so did the 747-8 on their first flights.
Thank you, I knew somebody would know on this forum.
Yep, good-looking bird, kinda reminiscent of a '380.

Didn't mind the soundtrack, at least it's not all "gangstah" like some people pollute their videos with.

Strange, though, not the usual fences on the wingtips AB is famous for. These're, what?, "sharklets"?, "scimitar wingtips"?
Sharklets are on the A320 family NEOs and scimitar wingtips are winglets like that on the MD-11s and Boeing 737 MAX. I'm not really sure what they call the A350's wingtips.

Well, yah, but everybody's gotta be "different". I looked at some close-up shots of the "sharklets" on A320s, and honest-to-B'harni (pbuh!), I can't tell much if any difference from blended winglets on a B738.

These on the A350 just seem a little more swept back, almost like the winglets on 787s.

So yeah, I guess generic "winglets" will do...
Gene, you won't see any "winglets" on the 787 because of its integrated and effective "swept upward" wing design, which eliminates the need for the add-on device. Typically, Airbus has traditional wingtip "fences" but the A-350 will curve upwards over 14ft in a "sabre-like" shape. You'll see the Sharklet" on sinle aisle aircraft...A-319/320 even B-737/57 models. "Fences", which are larger you'll see on the A-330/340/380. In 2014, you'll see a new winglet with United's fleet of 737's. It's called a Scimitar winglet. This upgrade to their fleet could save the company $200 million a year in fuel costs. That's pretty impressive in my book.
I found the video much more enjoyable to watch with the volume turned OFF, without the corny corporate soundtrack wanking in the background.


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