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Delta bumps 50 passengers to accommodate Florida basketball team

Fifty Thanksgiving weekend travelers were bumped from a commercial Delta airlines flight on Sunday so that the University of Florida basketball team could travel to Storrs, Conn. for a Monday game against UConn. ( 기타...

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In war, it is stated that a few have to die so that many others can live.
Again in legal system, certain laws are made for greater good, though a smaller number may suffer.
That's the of irony/fallacy of having democracy !
It will interesting to know what the Delta guys have to say for such a decision !
Provided they disclose it !
I'm forever amazed at the narrow mindedness of pilots, and their's no wonder why I left the "good life" of commercial aviation for law. I now have afforded myself a much wider variation of folks I can choose to work with. The Phil's of this world drove me out of it. I spent 11 years dealing with narrow minded right wing but cases such as he, and couldn't take anymore. I flew for a legacy carrier (most of my commercial time in 737's). I won't go on, but I would not want to try and rise through the ranks at the carrier I was associated with as a person of color!!! It's sad, but I've said erer since, "I love flying, but I couldn't get along with my fellow pilots".
So you rant about Phil being narrow minded while you lump every single pilot into a group with him? I could make a similar derogatory statement about lawyers and their greediness and probably be more accurate.
Please my friend Musketeer1, please.
Look out before you start , I am just right there in the crowd !
One mistake. Another mistake.
Two mistakes DO NOT make one right.
All know it .
I think if you read his comment again, it seems that he is referring to the pilots he flew with at his carrier, not everyone...
Dear THRUSTT, pardon the intervention, even if vincentvan meant '(all) those he flew with' , this too is a wide generalization and that is avoidable.
If ALL COLLEAGUES are bad in any system, then some thing is wrong with you, not with system or others !
Every one knows that .
I read "I'm forever amazed at the narrow mindedness of pilots, and their ilk.

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that was dumb
I'm assuming you're joking???
Nope. Mr. Rudd has posted many racist comments.

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I didn't...
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Delta kicks passengers off for Gators

Fifty passengers had their holiday travel plans disrupted on Sunday when Delta Airlines kicked 50 people off a full flight so it could use the plane for the Florida Gators basketball team


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