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'Pipe bomb' discovered at Anchorage airport

TSA agents found what Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport police have described as a "pipe bomb" in the carry-on luggage of a man ticketed on an oil worker flight to the North Slope Sunday, forcing an hour shutdown of the security checkpoint. ( 기타...

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They need to take the person with that bomb, shove it up there you know what, take them to a remote location (plenty of them in Alaska) and let them blow the you know what out of them. He will never do that again.
well, Inert device or pipe bomb, he still shouldn't of had it in his carry-on luggage.
It wasn't a bomb - pipe or otherwise. It was an inert device. The xray showed it wasn't dangerous. They've admitted this already. They didn't even make an announcement over the PA or evacuate the terminal. They just (unnecessarily) cordoned off the area.
That's our TSA... "Thousands Standing Around"
you were just hailing them as the unspoken heroes of they are bottom
I don't care who has a bomb at the airport that is not supposed to be there.. TSA, Airport Security, or who ever... At that time I did not know it was not factual.


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