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U.S. Navy to turn seawater into jet fuel

The Navy just found a way to reduce its dependence on possible adversaries for oil — it’s converted seawater into jet fuel. Navy researchers have announced a major technological breakthrough, saying that they have been able to convert seawater into CO2 and hydrogen, Defense One reported. ( 기타...

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this news is old. The Washington Times might have just caught it, but...
who's got more seawater than the US NAVY? awesome if it works...
......and in other news global warming takes a drastic turn for the worse
Yes, the news is old, but the mainstream media is just now picking it up.
Well, it isn't any worse than all that money spent on the F35.
Over a decade ago the Germans made a car chassis that you could put any type of top on - utility, sedan, sports car etc. running on hydrogen. They too said the energy to convert outweighed the energy that could be utalised.

If the US navy can perfect the process to be energy efficient they are definitely on to a winner. Until then we wait....and wait...


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